Contigo AutoSeal Shake & Go Tumbler, one cup all the possibilities

Opening the water bottle cabinet can be treacherous. Lids come tumbling to the floor. Water bottles crashing onto the counter. The chaos of the water bottle cabinet is overwhelming. That cabinet needs to be simplified. The Contigo AutoSeal Shake Tumbler is one cup with all the possibilities.

The Contigo AutoSeal Shake Tumbler has become my go-to cup. This tumbler by Contigo offers the versatility that I want. From morning ice coffee to afternoon hydration, one cup can make it through the whole day.

The best part about this AutoSeal Tumbler is that it closes tight. With the straw removed, I can turn the tumbler upside down, shake and swirl without any spillage. My beverage is sealed tight with the trap door hinge. Flip, turn or roll - with the straw removed, not a single drop is split.

Plus, the double walled, shatter-resistant plastic body allows me to move through my day without worry. From juice in the car to water at the pool, I am not fearing a smash or crash. More importantly, my drinks stay chilled and I stay hydrated.

As any busy mom understands, easy clean up is a must. The AutoSeal Tumbler is top rack dishwasher safe. Both the lid and body can go in the dishwasher. This tumbler is ready for my morning with all the washed dishes.

Contigo AutoSeal Tumbler can be purchased at a variety or retailers or online. It retails for approximately $12.99 and it available in three colors.

Stay hydrated and don't spill with the Contigo AutoSeal Tumbler. What drink are you shaking?

Disclosure: The writer was given this product for purposes of this article. All opinions are her own.


  1. I usually drink water but with one of these, I'd get much more smoothies crazy! Funny because my friend Annie was talking about the power of having a good tumbler just today and now I am reading this post and agreeing!

  2. These seem like a great option! Thanks for letting me know about them!

  3. What an awesome cup. I like that you can take it with you to enjoy.

  4. Contigo cups are my very favorite for my kids. I'm going to have to try this one for myself. I love adding flavor to my water, so this would be perfect for me!

  5. I have the pink one and I love it!!! :) Especially with young kids around, the autoseal is super handy! :) -Erin at

  6. Wow I have so many travel cups. However I do not have THIS one!! Looks like maybe I have to add one more to my collection.

  7. This is one of my favorite companies - love Contigo bottles