bObsweep Pet Hair Plus, cleaning my floors with minimal effort

I have a confession. I hate cleaning my floors. It is an endless cycle. My kids spill food. My kids track in dirt. My floors always seem dirty. Without that extra 25th hour of the day, I can’t find the time to continuously clean the floors. I have been given the ultimate solution – bObsweep Pet Hair Plus. With bObsweep Pet Hair Plus, my floors are clean and I have time to spare. 

bObSweep Pet Hair Plus is the floor cleaning solution for families. From carpets to tile to hardwood floors, bObsweep gets the floor clean without effort on my part. From quick clean to deep clean, bObsweep gets it done. 

In our house, the mornings are chaotic. From breakfast to packing up for the day, I think that a Tasmanian devil moves at a slower pace. With the frantic pace, items are dropped, spilled, etc. Now with the bObsweep, I don’t have to add 15 minutes into my morning for floor clean-up. Before we leave, the kitchen chairs get moved on top of the table and bObsweep goes to work. From the eat-in kitchen to family room, all the floors are cleaned by lunchtime. 

The new Pet Hair Plus versus offers a longer lasting battery. For the busy family, the battery life means that this robotic vacuum works smarter not harder. The vacuum covers more cleaning surface area with less downtime. Plus, the bObsweep knows to return to its charging station when it’s done. It’s like going to take a recharging nap after a long, tiring day. 

Even with our busy lifestyle, the kids do have chores. Vacuuming and washing the floor is never a popular chore. But with bObsweep, both kids jump at the chance to vacuum and clean. The bObsweep pet hair plus has a remote which can control its movements. From vacuuming around the sofa to vacuuming under the bed, the chore is at the top of their to-do list. 

Since bObsweep vacuums and mops, this one robotic system can handle all the floor cleaning in the house. The wet floor attachment cleans dirt and grime from the tile floors. With water or cleaner, the microfiber pad scrubs away all the tracked in, caked on dirt. Our family doesn’t need a bucket and mop to clean the bathrooms any more. 

The bObsweep is my clean floor solution. From deep clean to quick clean to daily cleaning, this robotic cleaning system has answered my problems. How will bObsweep help you?


  1. Wow, we had a Newfoundland and could definitely have used this! She's been gone for a few years, and we still find fur all over the place :)

  2. Wow what a cool vacuum. I like that it is small and operates on it's own. Imust have one.

  3. Super coo vacuum! We have a cockapoo - she doesn't shed fur, she has hair, but it's everywhere!

  4. Oh man...I wonder if it would work on cat litter. I need to check this out...might save me cleaning time for sure.

  5. I have two cats, so I could see how this would make my life soooo much less furry. I like the idea of it working on its own.

  6. Oh my goodness, i need this! We just bought our first home and it is all hardwood and tile. I feel like I am sweeping all the time with our dachshund and kids! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I want to see Bob come sweep here too. I love that it's going to pick up pet hair!

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