Tax Day Specials Bring Savings Relief

Tax Day have you down?  Very few people look forward to the annual tax day.  Luckily a few companies are brining some tax day savings relief to your day.

Here are a few savings for this Tax Day.

Planet Fitness

From Saturday, April 15 – Saturday, April 22 consumers can receive a free HydroMassage at any Planet Fitness location. De-stressers need only bring in a coupon available on (starting April 15) before relaxing their cares away.

From Wednesday, April 12 – Tuesday, April 18, those who file their taxes digitally this year can receive $4 off any $10 purchase placed through using the code “TAXDAY17” at checkout.

On Tuesday, April 18, any guest who dines in-restaurant can purchase a $10.40 Tax Day Meal Special. Offer includes a Half Chicken Individual Meal with 2 sides, cornbread, a regular fountain beverage and a cookie.


Benefits of Studying the Arts

Subjects like music and art are critically underfunded throughout the country. Some are even being eliminated due to budget cuts to education. It is incredibly unfortunate that these valuable, worthwhile classes are often some of the first to be sacrificed. Students of all ages gain much more than concrete knowledge and skills through the pursuit of these activities. The associated dividends are great. Continue reading below in order to understand the tremendous benefits of studying the arts.

Kids gain a ton of confidence through the mastery of skills required in artistic endeavors. From playing those first scales to completing a difficult song without mistakes, instrumentalists become more self-assured along the way. Theatre performers most certainly gain confidence as they learn to maintain a stage presence and project their voice. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is required of most types of art.

The ability to maintain attention on multiple components is a common theme throughout the arts. Musicians, both vocal and instrumental, must be able to think ahead while they are performing in order to avoid mistakes. They also must listen to those around them and observe the conductor so that they remain on tempo.

The ability to keep going despite difficulties is essential to success in any pursuit, and it's a skill that is highly valued by employers. Artistic lessons require students to persevere if they hope to achieve even moderate proficiency. Each new song or skill that is learned provides motivation to continue. The development of this attribute is reason enough to support the arts, as it will benefit your children throughout their lives.

Problem Solving
Another practical skill learned through exposure to arts programs is the ability to solve problems and think critically. Across the board, each art form provides ample opportunity to solve problems because each new project must be interpreted in unique ways. Students need to determine the steps to take to bring words on the page to life through line delivery in theatrical productions. A ball of clay doesn't become a vase on its own, and paints must be spread across the page in a particular fashion in order to create the masterpiece an artist envisions.

These are merely a few of the advantages kids gain by studying the arts. There are plenty more. Artistic pursuits are fundamental to the growth and development of our future.

Great Rainy Day Projects That You and the Kids Can Enjoy

Great Rainy Day Projects That You and the Kids Can Enjoy

Children are full of energy. On nice, warm spring and summer days they can run around outside to burn some of it off, but there are those gloomy days when everyone is stuck inside. These are the perfect days to help the little ones get creative.

The whole point of doing projects with the kids is to have fun together. The problem is finding something that the parents will truly enjoy but isn’t too complicated for the children to handle. The following ideas are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.


Beading can describe a vast array of crafting projects. Most people immediately think of jewelry making when they hear the word “beads,” but this category includes much more. Jewelry is terrific for the older kids, but little ones can become frustrated with such fine work. This is when parents need to think outside of the box.

Perler Beads are great for all ages. You can buy the supplies separately or in kits. Perler beads are small cylinder shaped beads. They come in a rainbow of colors. Kids can simply set each bead on end on a plastic peg board to create pictures. They can come up with their own or use patterns found online. When they are finished, Mom or Dad can iron the piece to fuse the beads together. They are left with a wonderful picture to hang in their room.

In addition to children’s Perler beads, one can find other ways to use beads to create pictures. Mill Hill bead kits can be found online from retailers such as the Threaded Needle or items can be bought separately at the craft store. The idea behind this type of project is to embellish a picture that is stamped on fabric with small glass beads.


Painting is a project that any age group can enjoy. The trick is to find a paint project that is age appropriate. Even a preschooler can step into this exciting world of color. Parents can purchase washable paints that can be used for finger painting. Shake things up by using a sponge, a potato cut in half, or a piece of fabric dipped in paint for new textures and designs.

Slightly older kids can branch out into regular paint supplies. Let them practice on paper, and when they get confident, make a special treat out of offering them an actual canvas to work on. They will proudly display their masterpiece on any wall. They can also begin doing paint by number kits.

Parents shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the older kids don’t need busy work on rainy days. Teens can stay in touch with their crafting side by painting wooden objects such as shelves or trinket boxes. They are also at the perfect age to start helping with painting projects around the house.

The next time the entire family is feeling that dreaded cabin fever creeping in, try one of these craft projects. They are fun for all ages, and can help pass an afternoon quickly. Parents will find they are not simply making a craft together. They are making memories too.

Fun Activities Before Your Child is Born

While there are plenty of articles written on what a mom can do with her child, what about before the child is born? As it turns out, there are plenty of unique opportunities out there for moms that are lost as soon as the pregnancy ends. If you want to make the most of your pregnancy, then look no further, because this guide will look at a handful of ways in which you can enjoy your pregnancy and create memories with your child before you've even really gotten a chance to know them.

It may sound strange, but getting an ultrasound can actually be a bonding experience for both you and the subject of the ultrasound. Ultrasound Adelaide services, like those at Before You Were Born Imaging, can take comprehensive photos and recordings of the ultrasound, including 4D images. These can then be taken home with you, so that you can later present them to your child after they're born. Regardless of whether you show them when they're still kids, or you wait to present them when they're planning a baby of their own, it's a great opportunity that you don't want to miss.

As it turns out, yoga can actually be highly beneficial to women during pregnancy. If you're nervous about attending a class due to your pregnancy, don't be. In fact, you'll probably find that your teacher is already very knowledgeable in how to help pregnant women get the full benefits of specific yoga poses. In addition to helping you deal with your pregnancy, you may also find that yoga is just a great tool for keeping yourself centered in other areas of your life. If you're having difficulty managing your stress, then be sure to give yoga a shot.

As fun as it might be to take a unique ultrasound of your baby, you may want to consider other keepsakes to make before your baby arrives. Knitting a blanket or other gift for your baby can be a great way of keeping your mind off the pregnancy while simultaneously preparing for it in a fun and interesting way. With a pregnancy, it's important to remain calm and try to avoid stressful situations. As it turns out, knitting is perhaps one of the least stressful activities you can perform, and it has the added bonus of creating a useful product afterwards.

Regardless of what you decide to do while going through your pregnancy, it's important to remember that there are still plenty of opportunities for you to bond with your child, even if they're not technically here yet. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box in coming up with ideas of your own to pursue while pregnant. Just remember that maintaining your health is important, and you shouldn't do anything that might put yourself, or your baby, in jeopardy. With that in mind, hopefully these ideas will provide a solid foundation for you to build your own ideas off of. At the end of the day, your child will thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you've given them, even if they weren't fully present to appreciate them at the time.