bObsweep Pet Hair Plus, cleaning my floors with minimal effort

I have a confession. I hate cleaning my floors. It is an endless cycle. My kids spill food. My kids track in dirt. My floors always seem dirty. Without that extra 25th hour of the day, I can’t find the time to continuously clean the floors. I have been given the ultimate solution – bObsweep Pet Hair Plus. With bObsweep Pet Hair Plus, my floors are clean and I have time to spare. 

bObSweep Pet Hair Plus is the floor cleaning solution for families. From carpets to tile to hardwood floors, bObsweep gets the floor clean without effort on my part. From quick clean to deep clean, bObsweep gets it done. 

In our house, the mornings are chaotic. From breakfast to packing up for the day, I think that a Tasmanian devil moves at a slower pace. With the frantic pace, items are dropped, spilled, etc. Now with the bObsweep, I don’t have to add 15 minutes into my morning for floor clean-up. Before we leave, the kitchen chairs get moved on top of the table and bObsweep goes to work. From the eat-in kitchen to family room, all the floors are cleaned by lunchtime. 

The new Pet Hair Plus versus offers a longer lasting battery. For the busy family, the battery life means that this robotic vacuum works smarter not harder. The vacuum covers more cleaning surface area with less downtime. Plus, the bObsweep knows to return to its charging station when it’s done. It’s like going to take a recharging nap after a long, tiring day. 

Even with our busy lifestyle, the kids do have chores. Vacuuming and washing the floor is never a popular chore. But with bObsweep, both kids jump at the chance to vacuum and clean. The bObsweep pet hair plus has a remote which can control its movements. From vacuuming around the sofa to vacuuming under the bed, the chore is at the top of their to-do list. 

Since bObsweep vacuums and mops, this one robotic system can handle all the floor cleaning in the house. The wet floor attachment cleans dirt and grime from the tile floors. With water or cleaner, the microfiber pad scrubs away all the tracked in, caked on dirt. Our family doesn’t need a bucket and mop to clean the bathrooms any more. 

The bObsweep is my clean floor solution. From deep clean to quick clean to daily cleaning, this robotic cleaning system has answered my problems. How will bObsweep help you?

Contigo AutoSeal Shake & Go Tumbler, one cup all the possibilities

Opening the water bottle cabinet can be treacherous. Lids come tumbling to the floor. Water bottles crashing onto the counter. The chaos of the water bottle cabinet is overwhelming. That cabinet needs to be simplified. The Contigo AutoSeal Shake Tumbler is one cup with all the possibilities.

The Contigo AutoSeal Shake Tumbler has become my go-to cup. This tumbler by Contigo offers the versatility that I want. From morning ice coffee to afternoon hydration, one cup can make it through the whole day.

The best part about this AutoSeal Tumbler is that it closes tight. With the straw removed, I can turn the tumbler upside down, shake and swirl without any spillage. My beverage is sealed tight with the trap door hinge. Flip, turn or roll - with the straw removed, not a single drop is split.

Plus, the double walled, shatter-resistant plastic body allows me to move through my day without worry. From juice in the car to water at the pool, I am not fearing a smash or crash. More importantly, my drinks stay chilled and I stay hydrated.

As any busy mom understands, easy clean up is a must. The AutoSeal Tumbler is top rack dishwasher safe. Both the lid and body can go in the dishwasher. This tumbler is ready for my morning with all the washed dishes.

Contigo AutoSeal Tumbler can be purchased at a variety or retailers or online. It retails for approximately $12.99 and it available in three colors.

Stay hydrated and don't spill with the Contigo AutoSeal Tumbler. What drink are you shaking?

Disclosure: The writer was given this product for purposes of this article. All opinions are her own.

Atkins Meal Kits, low carb lifestyle increases my energy levels

The writer was given the opportunity by Role Mommy Writer's Network to try Atkins Meal Kits.

As a stay at home mom, many people believe that my daily life is filled with spa appointments, leisurely afternoon reading and long days at the gym. While I would love to indulge in this fantastic lifestyle, the reality is far from this mirage. My day is filled with laundry, carpools, school volunteering and hopefully a little writing thrown into the mix. My biggest stumbling block during the day is keeping my energy levels high. While pounding energy drinks may be some people’s solution, that option isn’t appealing to me (ever have a caffeine crash during carpool). Over the past couple of weeks, I have found that a low carb lifestyle helps keep my energy levels even, and sometime higher. The Atkins Meal Kits and low carb eating plans are working well into my new lifestyle choices. 

The Atkins Meal Kits have helped me understand and adapt to low carb eating. I have been trying the Frozen Foodie meal kit. This option delivers some frozen food meals, shakes and bars to the house. In addition, the kit comes with a low carb booklet and book to help me create meals of my own. The change of eating has been relatively simple. From a quick breakfast to the mid-afternoon snack on the go, the plan has been simple for me.
The biggest change that I’ve seen since adapting this plan is my energy level. With a higher carb intake, my energy levels would ebb and flow during the day (sometimes with big spikes and drops). The sugar from my high-carb choices (yes, those tempting sugar filled frappacinos are my down fall) contributed to the lows. While I would experience an initial boost in energy, the subsequent low would be far more detrimental. By watching my carb intake, I’m not experiencing the highs, lows and crashes, which makes me a much more pleasant person to be (ever see a mom low on energy and patience?)
For me, the best part is that I have been able to adapt this lifestyle easily. With the carb counting book, recipes and lifestyle guide, cooking for the whole family is simplified. The plan doesn’t require one meal for me and another for the children. We all can eat the same meal that is focuses on smart choices, low carbs and fresh eating. Simple substitutions like items like breads and pasta aren’t hard. Careful seasonings, balanced ingredients and variety can make the low carb easily adapted for a family.
Personally, the Atkins Meal Kits were a great way to kick off a change in eating. It simplified the process and gave me quick, easy to eat options on days when I just was craving a frozen waffle. Whether I needed a fast lunch or a quick snack, I had an option at my fingertips. As I experienced a change in my energy levels and how I was feeling, I wanted to make better low carb choices.
If you are a busy mom like me and want to see how smart eating choices can make a difference in your energy levels, try the Atkins Meals kits. Simplify your life and see the difference.

Disclosure: The Role Mommy Writer's Network sponsored this post. All opinions in this post are the writer's alone.  

5 must have items for a smooth back to school transition

As parents rejoice the ringing of the school bells, the long list of must have seem to grow. While teachers have carefully crafted the school supply lists, these lists focus solely school work. But, as parents know, back to school necessities are more than just pens and paper. 
Here are 5 must have items for a smooth back to school transition

Stay Hydrated with Autoclose Contigo Shake and Go:
Hydration is important to a healthy lifestyle. Kids can build up quite a thirst during the day. From recess, hot temperatures and lots of activity, drinks are key to keeping the kids energized throughout the day. The Autoclose Contigo Shake and Go allows the kids to keep their favorite beverages at their desk, in their backpack or on the bus. Without fear of spillage with the quick seal lid, no one will cry over ruined homework. The AUTOCLOSE technology offers leak proof shaking and mixing. From the water flavor enhancers to protein shakes, these Contingo glasses get the job done. Contigo Shake and Go is available at various retailers and comes in two sizes.
Let’s face it, kids have a voracious appetite. Even though parents would hope that fruit and veggies make up a large percentage of their choices, kids still want the occasional treat. Otis Spunkmeyer No Funky Stuff line of snacks is a good choice. 
No Funky Stuff  means that Otis Spunkmeyer delicious foods are made without artificial flavors or colors, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. The company's commitment to “No Funky Stuff” ensures that the Otis Spunkmeyer line of sweets is delivering on a superior tasting treat that people love. 
While many families enjoy baking themselves, the busy schedules don't allow that extra free time. This line from Otis Spunkmeyer tastes like from from the oven but with the on-the go convenience. From blue berry muffins to chocolate chip cookies, everyone in the family will enjoy these sweet treats. Otis Spunkmeyer No Funky Stuff line of treats are available at various retailers.

Family planner/calendar
Have you ever noticed that back to school means a crazy, busy schedule? From sports to band to orthodontist appointments, a family schedule can be more difficult to coordinate than a company president.A good family planner can be a huge help. Choose one that would for your family. A book that is left by the kitchen table, a wall calendar or an app are all great options. The key is to keep all the information in one place.

Salton Harley Pasternak Blender
I’m sure you’re wondering why is a blender on this list. It’s simple, a blender is a quick easy way to prep tons of food. From the morning smoothie to a quick soup lunch, the Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender gets it done with a press of a button. 

With the Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender, fresh smoothies and more are just a minute away.
The Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender makes quick work of the family’s blending needs. The powerful motor and sharp blades creates a lovely consistency for smoothies or full fruit juices. With easy to use controls, this blender will become a mainstay in the kitchen.  Available at various retailers, the Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender retails for approximately $299.

A sense of humor
Let’s be honest. Being a parent isn’t easy. We have to be responsible, we have to be dependable and we don’t get a day off. While I may have the bad mom fantasy of sipping away the day with a bottle of wine, the reality is far from that mirage. Still, when the schedule goes down the toilet, the kids get sick and all else goes AWOL, there is something to laugh about. Maybe it’s the crazy neighbor down the street, the funny meme on Facebook or just that you didn’t spill your coffee on your white shirt. If we can’t laugh at all of the craziness, how will it ever get better?