Baby Football Gear Shows Support in Style

When football games are a big deal in your home, you'll probably want to get your little one involved in all the exciting football action. Babies look precious in game day apparel. They're also cute in fun accessories and sweet little baby football shoes. When it comes to football, which has quickly become a wholesome family favorite game, no one is too little to take part in the excitement.

What to look For in Baby Football Gear

When you dress baby up in adorable baby sports apparel, comfort is the first thing you usually consider. Little outfits made from soft material like 100 percent cotton are the way to score a touchdown with your littlest fan. Super absorbent terry cloth for bibs and for clothing is another smart choice. When it comes to cute baby football shoes, here are some smart things to look for:

 - Flexible Soles - Especially important if baby is very young, or even for tiny beginning crawlers and new walkers. You want shoes to bend and flex to keep little feet comfortable and protected
 - Washable - Tiny shoes that are easily cleaned are perfect for little ones, especially when you never know when spitting up incidents can happen, and for other times when baby shoes inevitably get dirty
 - Pull-On Ease - Shoes that are super easy to pull on and take off baby's feet are the best bet. Babies are wiggly creatures that don't understand about holding still so shoes can be put on! The less struggle getting shoes on and off, the better
 - Soft and Lightweight - Perfect for when little ones are kicking and practicing future field goals, whether that's in the crib or outdoors in the yard. Lightweight shoes allow freedom of movement so little ones can perfect kicking skills
 - Non-Slip Soles - Important for tiny walkers so you're assured they'll have good, sturdy footing for those tentative first steps
 - Sturdy and Well-Made - Tiny football shoes need to be durable enough to withstand potentially rough use

Cute Little Football Shoes Get Little Ones off to a Great Start

Every little rookie has the potential to be a winner one day, especially when they get off to a great start. Comfy and cute baby shoes do that, in style. Baby helps support your favorite team and looks adorable doing it!     

How Moms Can Make Life Easier For Their Kids' Teachers

Teachers have quite the difficult job. Not only are they expected to educate our kids, but they're often expected to do it with small budgets and sometimes difficult conditions. If you want your child to have a successful education, then it's a great idea to take action to make life easier for their teachers.

You don't have to become the world's most active PTA mom or treat your child's education like a second job. However, there are some little steps you can take to help your child's teacher succeed, which will help your child to succeed. Here's how moms can make life easier for kids' teachers.

Donate Supplies

Not all schools are suffering from the same budget shortages. However, even schools with adequate budgets can find themselves running out of supplies. For example, in kindergarten classes where spills and accidents are common, it's easy for a teacher to run out of paper towel and pre-moistened wipes pretty quickly. In just about every school, sharpened pencils are pretty coveted. You don't have to spend a fortune on supplies for your child's classroom. However, periodically donating supplies can be really helpful. If you're not sure what to get, just ask your child's teacher.


Communication is amazingly helpful when it comes to ensuring that your child does well in school. At Landon School, for example, parents are encouraged to stay in regular communication with their kids' teachers. This helps your child's teacher to be able to easily contact you to keep you informed about how your child is doing in his or her classroom. Teachers resent parents who are difficult to get a hold of, especially if their child is having problems. Making yourself easily accessible will be very appreciated by your child's teacher.

Attend Events

Sadly, in many school districts, open houses and parent-teacher conferences can be sparsely attended. Teachers are required to be present at these events and they very much want a chance to speak face-to-face with the parents of their students. It's very helpful and quite appreciated when you, as a parent, show up to these events. Landon School hosts a wonderful event, The Azalea Garden Festival, that truly brings the school’s community together. These teachers very much want to speak to their students' parents and it shows that you're invested in your child's education.

Keep Your Cool

Every teacher has a horror story about a parent who threw a fit when they were informed that their child received a failing grade or got into a fight with another student. Sadly, some parents can't accept that their child is capable of wrongdoing, but the truth is that all kids mess up from time to time. If your child's teacher confronts you about an issue, it's imperative that you keep your cool. Remember, the teacher isn't "out to get" your child. Instead, he or she is just looking to remedy the situation so that your child has a better chance of academic success.

Teachers have a hard job. Not only do they have to educate kids, but they have to keep them all safe and help them to grow as people as well. If you do all of the things listed here, you can make you child's teacher's job a little bit easier. Remember, teachers want to work with you to do what's best for your child.

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