Renuzit Pearl Scents, combating the stinky boys bathroom - review/giveaway

Being a mom of two boys, I have been unprepared for some of my life's daily occurrences. Putting aside the stinky gym bags, sweaty socks and other "boy-isms" the bathroom has been a struggle. Who would think that two little boys could produce that much smell, stink or horrible odor.  What is a mom to do? In our house, Renuzit Pearl Scents to the rescue.

Renuzit Pearl Scents is a odor neutralizer. Instead of spraying after a stinky event, the Renuzit Pearl Scents offer 30 days of continuous odor removing help. With no electric plugs, flames or aerosol containers, this refreshing fragrance helps to reduce stinky odors in any room in the house.

Renuzit Pearl Scents is offered in the following fragrances.
  • Pure Breeze®
  • After the Rain®
  • Tranquil
  • Serenity
  • Seductive Pineapple
As a mom of boys, home fragrances need to be fresh, but not heavy on the floral notes. I get tired of hearing - we're not girls!  Why does the bathroom smell like perfume. Of course, even the most heavy perfume could be an improvement over icky boy smells. The compromise in our house is the After The Rain Renuzit Pearl Scents.

The After the Rain scent balances a slightly citrus note with a faint floral undertone. The fragrance reminds me of the calm, peaceful moment after a summer storm. It has the feeling that all the dirt, grime and smell has been wiped clean from the rain. Even the boys are coming around to the non-boy smell that is the norm in their bathroom.

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Disclosure: The writer received this product for the purposes of this post. All opinions are her own.  

The Briefcase on CBS, families face a $101,000 dilemma

If you were presented with a suitcase full of cash could you act selflessly? Many people dream of winning the lottery, getting a windfall or just having a few extra dollars of mad money. But if that elusive pile of cash was sitting in front of you, what would you do? Could you hand over some, most or all of it to a complete stranger? This premise is the concept behind the new television show, The Briefcase.

From the creator of the Biggest Loser, The Briefcase, a new reality based television show, brings into question a family’s altruistic nature versus fulfilling its own needs. A family is given a briefcase with $101,000 and is given a dilemma. Within 72 hours, the family must decide to keep all of the money, keep part of the money or give all of the money to another family. During the time-frame, the family learns about the other family who they could give the money. The heart of the story is the question is it better to give than receive?

To be honest, who couldn't use $100,000? From paying off debt to paying for kids college to just giving your savings account a little cushion, that large sum of money could make a difference in almost anyone’s life. Even with all that what if dreaming, could you put your own needs aside to help someone else? While it sounds easy in the abstract, the ability to act in the moment could be an extreme struggle.

Unlike other reality television shows, The Briefcase doesn't preach who is more deserving or criticize the decisions families make. The hour long program offers a glimpse into a family’s life that outwardly may seem happy but is fraught with internal struggles. While money can alleviate some obstacles, the family unit must be the pillar of strength. Without that strength, no pile of cash will make life better.

The Briefcase will air on CBS Wednesday, May 27. Please check your local listings for specific times. 

Do you in think it is better to give rather than receive?

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Life is messy, 101 uses for Huggies Wipes

When you kids leave diapers, do you ditch the baby wipes? Let's be honest, Kids Outgrow Diapers,
Not Messes*. While moms might ditch the big diaper bag once the kids get a little older, we shouldn't ditch the packages of diaper wipes. Huggies Diaper Wipes are a must have for anyone who makes a mess.

It has been said that Huggies diaper wipes have a 101 uses. While I haven't counted that exact number, I know that diaper wipes are perfect for  numerous situations. From the errant art project that get more color on hands versus the paper to the messy spaghetti that gets all over the face, diaper wipes make for a quick clean-up. With one swipe, the mess is gone. More importantly, you aren't sending the kids back to the bathroom to re-wash the missed spot (don't can't they look in the mirror).

With summer vacation approaching, Huggies Diaper Wipes are a staple in our on the go backpack. When I have to carry the backpack around the theme park, water park or just walking around the city, I want to have the least amount of items as possible. The diaper wipes can replace multiple clean-up items in the backpack.

No matter where we go, the kids (and occasionally me) attract dirt. Sometimes a bathroom isn't close by (or a port-a-potty isn't the cleanest option). The Huggies Diaper Wipes can clean off hands before a snack or clean up after eating that messy ice cream cone.

On super hot days, a Huggies Diaper wipe can offer a quick refresher. After a long run or a couple of hours at the zoo, everyone can feel sticky and sweaty. A swipe of a Huggies Diaper Wipe can wipe away sweat and grime, which can leave you feeling refreshed.

Available in a convenient, portable pack, the Huggies Diaper Wipes offer triple clean layers. These One & Done cleaning option makes quick work of mess clean-up. The sensitive wipes are soft on the skin yet get the kids clean. (These wipes are sensitive enough for make-up removal too). Basically, the Huggies Diaper Wipes are a must have to keep in the house.

Walmart offers a wide selection of Huggies Diaper Wipes. From convenient on-the-go packs to designer tubs, there is an option that works for your family.

Remember, Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes* - get clean with Huggies Diaper Wipes at Walmart.

Summer fashion is hot, #win a coach purse

As Summer fashion heats up, everyone wants to look their best. From the perfect summer dress to the strappy sandals, summer fashion is all about looking and feeling good. But how does that help your bottom line?  We have the perfect answer - Win a Coach Purse!

Win a Coach Purse!

Welcome to our Choose your Coach Purse Giveaway!

My blogger friends and I have teamed up to give you an awesome giveaway event. We have 4 gorgeous purses on hand and in this giveaway we're giving ONE winner a chance to choose one Coach purse. So which is your favorite among the 4 styles?

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Get summer ready with Beldt - review

Summer is all about being outside and having fun. With the warm temperatures and sunny days, you can't hide behind layers of bulky clothing. Tiny tank tops and short shorts leave no room for error. Those minutes on the treadmill and the salads for lunch can help to make you look good at the next barbecue. But was it enough? Could you use a boost?

Beldt is a supplement to help you increase energy and fat lost. While supplements aren't for everyone, an energy booster can help workouts. Beldt is designed to help support weight loss, increase energy and suppress appetite.

These type of supplements help to provide more energy during a workout. With more energy, a workout can go longer and harder. In turn, you burn more calories and lose weight.

Of course, smart eating choices are important to achieve results. You can't eat a whole chocolate cake, take a pill and magically lose weight. The idea is to give a boost to a strong healthy living plan. Whether you've hit a plateau or just want to rev up your weight loss for an important event, Beldt can be that help.

I've taken Beldt for a couple of weeks. While I have a high caffeine tolerance, I didn't feel jitters while using these supplements. I found that taking these supplements prior to a long run, I didn't feel as tired or I didn't hit the wall around the 35 minute mark. I was able to power through longer workouts. I did notice that I wanted to drink more water after the workout (not a bad thing though).

Beldt can be purchased on

Disclosure: The writer received this item for purposes of this post.

Bounce all summer, #Win Bounce House from Blast Zone

 Once the final school bell rings, the kids are ready for summer fun? But how will you keep them occupied?  Kids love bounce houses. But, taking the kids to an indoor play land can drain the wallet. What's the solution - get your own Bounce House!

Who is ready for summer? Well here at Real Advice Gal we are getting ready with a giveaway your kids are going to love! Who wants a chance to WIN a Magic Castle Bounce House that is sure to keep your kids occupied all summer long!? Blast Zone is going to provide a Magic Castle Bounce house to one lucky winner, so enter to win below! This contest is open to US residents 18 and older. Giveaway dates are 5/14/15-5/28/15. Good luck!

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Apple Watch Giveaway, be on trend for summer fun

Apple Watch Giveaway

Summer is almost here. From vacations to lazy days by the pool, the summer is about fun. What way to make the summer more fun than to show off your new Apple Watch. Didn't get one at the store - don't worry.  I'm giving one away. 

Welcome to our Apple Watch Giveaway

Yes we are giving away the most sought after and wished for gadget this season. One lucky reader will win an Apple Watch! The perfect companion to iPhone, this smartwatch incorporates fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities as well as integration with iOS, Apple products and services. Together with my blogger friends we're giving you a chance to win 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band which retails for $349. You also have the option to choose your prize, the Apple Watch or it's equivalent amount in iTunes gift card.

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