Document organization, file it smartly

As individuals and families prepare for annual tax filings, organization can be a huge help or hindrance. Whether you have kept impeccable receipts for all the expenses or just have a pile laying on a desk, organizing all the information into files and folders can be a time saver. Smead offers a wide variety of folders that can make quick work of your document organization.

Whether filing yourself or getting assistance, having all the documents in a single location is imperative. The 12-pocket stadium file from Smead is a good choice. With deep pockets and 12-slots, each set of materials can be held separately and securely. The tiered pockets offer better visualization of all the files. With space for 900 sheets of paper, each and every document can be complied in one place. The Smead 12-pocket stadium file retails for approximately $22.

After all the document support is gathered, there are usually a few items that require signature. Since these items need to stay in pristine condition, a regular folder may not be the best choice. The Smead 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders offer a lock-it flap to keep papers secure. No more worrying about papers falling out or becoming jumbled. From large, regular sized papers to smaller receipts, everything can be held securely. These folders with three pockets can keep everything in proper order.

Once all the papers are gathered, organized and ready for filing, the final document can be completed. After it is sent, all those papers need to be filed away. The Smead SuperTab tab file folder can fit in any drawer. With a 90% larger label area, these folders are easy to find in a cabinet. Whether you like bright pink or a classic neutral, this 6-pack of folders will keep the filing cabinets organized.

No more procrastinating. Gather, organize and file all your documents with the help of Smead products available for purchase at today.

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MeasurPro Digital Thermometer, simplifying your cooking

Both the novice cook and the trained professional benefit from a good thermometer. From a pork tenderloin in the oven to a juicy steak on the grill, a perfectly cooked meal satisfies everyone. Unfortunately, a few degrees either too low or too high can change the flavor of the meal. Ensure a beautifully cooked meal every time with MeasuPro Digital thermometer.

Unlike other digital thermometers, the MeasuPro Digital thermometer 100% waterproof. For the home cook, this thermometer can be thrown into the dishwasher with all the other dishes from dinner. Even with this advantageous feature, this digital thermometer offers all the features any cook seeks in a versatile cooking tool.

The pocket size, lightweight thermometer offers a wide measuring range. More importantly, the thermometer offers an instant read measurement in just 6 seconds. No more letting heat escape the oven while the thermometer reads a temperature. More importantly, the reading is accurate.

Another useful feature to this thermometer is the max/min function to recall the last lowest and highest temperature. The recall feature can help the cook determine how fast or slow the food is cooking. Wouldn't it be better to know that your tenderloin is cooking faster than anticipated?  No one wants a piece of over cooked meat.

The MeasuPro Digital Thermometer can be purchased on Amazon for $34.95. It is lightweight, waterproof and offers an auto-off function after 10 minutes.

Impress your family with your expert cooking skills. The MeasuPro Digital Thermometer gives you the confidence to cook better.

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In my world, I rarely have an extra minute, let alone hour to go shopping. I am not a lady who lunches or spends afternoons searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Most of my shopping is done while watching my kids' swim practice. Online shopping for clothes, office supplies and just about anything else is our norm.

Shopping online is so easy and it can save you so much time and money. You don't have to drive around to several stores wasting your gas, you can find extra coupons to save some money, and with a larger selection of sizes and colors, you’re sure to find your perfect pick!

But what happens when your perfect find arrives and it doesn't fit right or it doesn’t look like it did online? Warning: Most of the time, the retailer makes you pay the return shipping. So you have three options: pay the shipping charges to send the order back; return it to the store (if that’s even an option); or keep it and lose money. Let’s face it — none of those sound like great options. Any way you slice it, you lose. If you love to shop online but hate the hassle of the return process, here’s your solution: Meet

Get the wrong shoe size, or maybe your child’s toy wasn’t quite right? No problem! With Return Saver, all your returns are now stress-free. All Return Saver members need to do is follow the store’s return policy and ship it back, via FedEx Ground®, for free! No need to be scared to buy something because of pain of returning it.

 Return Saver members can return an unlimited number of their online purchases every year — to any online retailer!

Members benefit from the world-class service and reliability of FedEx Ground®, the exclusive shipping carrier for Return Saver, meaning they can track their packages and relax knowing their returns are in good hands. Great new, too: I have an exclusive offer for you! Normally this program goes for $49/year, but for a limited time, my readers can enjoy this time- and money-saving service for only $39/year! Click here to sign up and stop worrying about return shipping costs!

How It Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Create – Log in to and fill out a simple return label form in under a minute.
  2. Print – Attach the prepaid return shipping label to the package.
  3. Ship – Go to any FedEx location to return your purchase.
Sounds easy — because it is! With, you never have to worry about return shipping costs while shopping online ever again. If something does not meet your expectation, you can easily return it!

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Geckotech Reusable hooks, hang it and skip the holes

In our household, the debate on how or where to hang a hook is huge. No one wants to put a hole in a wall and regret it. Repairing that small little hole requires filler, sanding, and paint. One mistaken tap of the hammer created an hour of repairs. Luckily, there is a better way. Geckotech Reusable hooks skip the holes.

These reusable hooks are made using revolutionary, MicroSuction synthetic rubber technology. In simple terms, these hooks can be used again and again. No holes, additional tape, or hooks are needed. Just place the hook on a clean surface and it is ready for use. This type of hook works on painted surfaces, glass, laminate, stainless steel, tile and much more.

While this product has numerous possible uses, our favorite use is for sports medals and ribbons. With a 5 pound weight use, the kids can add an entire season's worth of awards. More importantly the kids can move their swag around the room without me adding holes to the wall. From the right side of the window to beside the closet, the ribbons get moved and I don't get mad.

The GeckoTech reusable hooks are one of many products in the company's line. Other items like packaging tape is a often used item for many families. All of these items and other office supplies can be found at

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Rediscover the inner you, Body Merry skincare products, review

In the glorious of youth, skincare was simple. A little dab of moisturizer in the morning and at night and my skin looked good. Adding in some good nutritional choices and my daily water intake and I was batting a thousand. Through the years, life, kids, climates, and the overall getting older has changed the way I care for my skin. Gone are the days of a dab of moisturizer. Now, I seek products that can minimize the stretch marks, wipe away the dark circles and revitalize my tired self. Body Merry has three products that have helped me energize my appearance.

Like many women who have had children or have fluctuated in weight over the years, stretch marks are here to stay. While these marks may be a badge worn proudly, they don't look the best in a swimsuit, tank top or other summer clothing. Even in the brisk, winter temperatures, the warm days of summer peak through the bleak dreariness. The Body Merry Stretch Mark &Scar Defense Cream can help smooth the skin and make these stretch marks less noticeable. Especially used during the dry winter months, he the cream nourishes my skin. From a more supple appearance, my skin looks refreshed and ready to take on those lazy, summer days.

The Body Merry Stretch Mark & Scar Defense Cream contains organic cocoa butter and shea butter. These ingredients provide the extra moisture the skin. As the skin looks more hydrated, the stretch marks and scars appear less noticeable. While no skin cream can make me lose 20 pounds or turn me back to my 20s, these products by body merry make me feel and look confident in the person that I am today.

Body Merry has an entire line of skin care. Other items, like the Hyaluronic Dew Serum and Age Defense Eye Cream. While using these eye and face during the dry, cold winter, my skin retained some of the dewy qualities that I appreciate during the warmer seasons. Overall, my facial appearance looked more awake and less haggard. The dark circles and fine lines were less noticeable over a period of time. For me, the results meant less cover-up make-up and more refreshed look.

Instead of giving up and giving in to a tired appearance. Rediscover the youthful qualities that are ready to reappear. Body Merry can the boost that you’ve been wanting to discover.

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Parties, travel and recipes - Pinterest Blast


What do you pin?  Is it a dream vacation?  Maybe it's your favorite recipe.  What about your child's best birthday party.

Check out what these other people are pinning.

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All the health benefits without the seeds, Xiomega Chia Water

While I may indulge in a glass of wine or yummy cupcake, I understand the benefits of eating well and being active. Recently, several magazine articles have touted the importance of adding chia seeds to a balanced diet. Unfortunately, I have a problem eating those little seeds. For me, I feel like those seeds get stuck in my throat and in my teeth. Luckily, I have found a solution to my problem, Xiomega3 Chia Water.

Xiomega3 Chia Water offers all the benefits of Chia without all the seeds. In addition to the Chia seeds, each bottle offers 320 mg of Omega-3,40% of the DV of B complex Vitamins, and as much fiber as a small apple.

For those not familiar with the benefits of Chia, this seed has been known to benefit digestive health and overall well being. The Chia offers a high amount of Omega 3, more than flax seed or salmon. Additionally, the Chia offers a good source of fiber and is high in calcium.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Xiomega3 Chia Water. Since I primarily drink mainly water during the day, the Chia Water was a good recovery drink after my training runs. The berry drink had a nice berry flavor and wasn't too sweet. As a recovery drink, I enjoyed the product. I felt refreshed and ready for the rest of my day.

Xiomega Chia Water is available at selection retail locations. More information can be found online at

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