Atkins Meal Kits, low carb lifestyle increases my energy levels

The writer was given the opportunity by Role Mommy Writer's Network to try Atkins Meal Kits.

As a stay at home mom, many people believe that my daily life is filled with spa appointments, leisurely afternoon reading and long days at the gym. While I would love to indulge in this fantastic lifestyle, the reality is far from this mirage. My day is filled with laundry, carpools, school volunteering and hopefully a little writing thrown into the mix. My biggest stumbling block during the day is keeping my energy levels high. While pounding energy drinks may be some people’s solution, that option isn’t appealing to me (ever have a caffeine crash during carpool). Over the past couple of weeks, I have found that a low carb lifestyle helps keep my energy levels even, and sometime higher. The Atkins Meal Kits and low carb eating plans are working well into my new lifestyle choices. 

The Atkins Meal Kits have helped me understand and adapt to low carb eating. I have been trying the Frozen Foodie meal kit. This option delivers some frozen food meals, shakes and bars to the house. In addition, the kit comes with a low carb booklet and book to help me create meals of my own. The change of eating has been relatively simple. From a quick breakfast to the mid-afternoon snack on the go, the plan has been simple for me.
The biggest change that I’ve seen since adapting this plan is my energy level. With a higher carb intake, my energy levels would ebb and flow during the day (sometimes with big spikes and drops). The sugar from my high-carb choices (yes, those tempting sugar filled frappacinos are my down fall) contributed to the lows. While I would experience an initial boost in energy, the subsequent low would be far more detrimental. By watching my carb intake, I’m not experiencing the highs, lows and crashes, which makes me a much more pleasant person to be (ever see a mom low on energy and patience?)
For me, the best part is that I have been able to adapt this lifestyle easily. With the carb counting book, recipes and lifestyle guide, cooking for the whole family is simplified. The plan doesn’t require one meal for me and another for the children. We all can eat the same meal that is focuses on smart choices, low carbs and fresh eating. Simple substitutions like items like breads and pasta aren’t hard. Careful seasonings, balanced ingredients and variety can make the low carb easily adapted for a family.
Personally, the Atkins Meal Kits were a great way to kick off a change in eating. It simplified the process and gave me quick, easy to eat options on days when I just was craving a frozen waffle. Whether I needed a fast lunch or a quick snack, I had an option at my fingertips. As I experienced a change in my energy levels and how I was feeling, I wanted to make better low carb choices.
If you are a busy mom like me and want to see how smart eating choices can make a difference in your energy levels, try the Atkins Meals kits. Simplify your life and see the difference.

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  1. When changing your diet, it's helpful to have help make the transition. It's good to see products like this that help.

  2. I love Atkins products. They helped me lose 30 lbs a few years back. My energy improved too.

  3. I remember going on the Atkins diet years ago and having success with it. I think it's time to revisit that!

  4. My mom eats low carbs due to blood sugar issues. I will have to tell her about these diners.

  5. that chili looks really good. it's been awhile since i tried some of their food. will have to again.

  6. I've wanted to try the Adkins meals but always afraid they won't taste good. I'll have to give the Chili one a try, it looks really good.

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