Blue Apprentice by Galxyz Engaging Young Minds in Science

Disclosure: Our family was given the opportunity to experience this app by The Role Mommy Network. All opinions are our own. 

Growing up, I loved school. The books, studying, and projects were are very intriguing to me. I could spend hours with my head in a book. Looking at my kids’ school work, I scratch my head. My kids have no science book, social studies book, etc. Everything is online or a video or something not tangible. While I struggle with this scenario, my kids are fully engaged and more importantly they are learning a lot. Since the kids are so engaged, I am always searching for new ways to keep them stimulated. Blue Apprentice by Galaxyz is the perfect solution.

Blue Apprentice by Galaxyz is an online learning experience. Based on the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum, this online game and app supplements the topics that they learn in school. By making science topics engaging, fun and interactive, Blue Apprentice seeks to create a lifelong interest in science topics. 

Broken in several episodes, Blue Apprentice Season 1 offers a variety of science topics. From physics to Earth to life science, the interactive learning experiences solidify the science topics. Kids, and even adults, will learn about properties of matter, ecosystems and habitats, food website and ecosystem dynamics, types of energy, and energy storage and transfer. Since the learning is based in a game like format, the kids want to continue to the next level, which encourages their learning.

The game is simple and easy for kids to follow. Blue Apprentice is recommended for ages 6-12. The game is available both via app format and online. Kids can learn at home from a laptop or on the go with their smart device.
Working with an alien scientist, kids work to outsmart the enemy King Dullard’s minions through science concepts. With a customized character, kids feel invested in the mission’s success. These lessons put aside boring memorization. Instead, kids put their knowledge to use in each mission.

From the table of periodic elements to eco-system balance, science topics lead them through an adventure of discovery. 

As a mom of a fifth and sixth grader, Blue Apprentice has helped to re-enforce their scientific classroom knowledge. From understanding the depth of an eco-system to exploring space, the kids ask to play this educational based game (just like they ask to play the Xbox). Since each mission is an adventure, they want to unlock more content and, in turn, re-enforce the science concepts. 

Blue Apprentice bv Galxyz is available both online and via an ipad app. The first two episodes are free. Additional content can be unlocked and is available via a subscription. Subscriptions are sold monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Science is engaging when kids apply their knowledge in an entertaining way. Get your kids playing with the knowledge with the Blue Apprentice by Galxyz today. 

Disclosure: The writer received a subscription to this app for purposes of this review. All opinions are her own. 


  1. Looks like a fun game. My daughter would like it a lot.

  2. I love the idea of this. I'm all for anything that makes learning fun for kids.

  3. I used to homeschool my daughter and feel that any game that teaches kids is great. Love it.

  4. looks a great game for my baby girl. She is about 8 and I hope this would fine.

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  5. This sounds awesome! It seems great for my daughter.

  6. I love it! Such a great idea! Love anything that makes learning fun for children!

  7. I have a question, maybe I missed it-- are there different levels of complexity? This sounds so cool, and a great way to integrate classroom learning with a fun game, but my younger kids are at a different level of science understanding compared to my older kids. How does that work?

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