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Sometimes, I am given opportunities to try products and services in exchange for sharing my thoughts and opinions. This post reflects my thoughts, opinions and experiences which I received from this company without cost to me.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to move through life without fear, doubt or caution? I’m not saying that these people are reckless, but their inhibition allows them to chase dreams and goals without abandon. For others, like myself, change and the unknown brings anxiety. This anxiety can stifle goals, dreams, and desires. But a life without dreams and goals is unfilled. The question becomes how can you accept the anxiety without letting it derail your goals. With Life Reimagined, I’m learning how to fulfill my plan without becoming overwhelmed in the self-doubt. 

Life Reimagined, powered by AARP, is an online life coaching services. The service offers the following:

  • Helps you define your personal mission statement
  • Gives you the ability to choose your own certified Life Coach from a team of experts
  • Lets you video chat with your Life Coach from the comfort of your home
  • Prompts you to create personalized action plans and track your programs
  • Connects you with resources and events to help you learn new skill.

Going into 2016, I am looking to change what, where and how I write. Over the past year, this particular blog has become less inspiring to me. While I write in other avenues, this space isn’t truly a good expression of topics that bring me joy. Still, leaving behind an area where I have spent much time and effort is sad. The transition has fear, grief, and maybe a little excitement too. Knowing that I cannot stay in the same place, I logically can process that change must occur. The problem becomes actually implementing that change. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with one of the Life Coaches from Life Reimagined. For those unfamiliar, a life coach is a person who can help you talk through your goals, discover your fears about those goals, create a plan to achieve your goals, and hold you accountable to tasks that further your goal. During this sixty minute online video chat, we discussed how items that drive my life’s passion can help me achieve my transition goals.

Before my 1-hour coaching session, Life Reimagined asked me a series of questions. My answers created a canvas. This canvas highlights the things that I deem important, strengths about myself and a goal to achieve. A simple mission statement can help clarify the path that I need to take. 

After some initial conversation, my Life Coach and I discussed my canvas and what I was looking to achieve.  Personally, I really like exploring food, chefs, theater and life experiences. If you look back at the past several years, I don’t want to write about saving money (and I haven’t truly wrote about this topic in a long time). So what’s stopping me from writing about the items that drive my passion? There is no rule, editor or other roadblock that can stop me from writing about what I want. A blog is about self-expression. So, again, what is stopping me?

One item is a name. If I write about travel – how would @more4momsbuck relate to travel? It may or may not. Still, does it matter? Can I change that name? What would it take to change a name? Why is a name keeping me from pursuing my passion?  After talking through some of these concerns during my life coach appointment, I can realize that these questions were more like excuses not to move forward.
Change comes with anxiety – what if I lose readers, what if I change my name and I start from scratch – I can what if the whole scenario till I don’t do anything. But, if I make a plan, the anxiety becomes less. One step at a time can make the change more doable. 

During the Life Coach session, I came to understand that verbalizing the concerns can help lead to finding solutions. For me, giving name to the fear can make that fear less paralyzing. During the past several years, I have accomplished many things. Change shouldn’t negate those accomplishments.
After my 60 minute conversation with the life coach, I feel more affirmed in the changes that I need to make. I can go to my playbook to re-assess my status and evaluate what else needs to be done. In the end, I know that goals can be attained. 

At any time, I can book another session with my life coach. It was very easy to sit on the couch and chat with someone. My life coach was very easy to talk to. She knew how to listen and how to elicit responses. Sometimes a neutral person can cut to the heart of the problem without hurting your feelings. A good kick in the right direction is sometimes what you need. 

Anyone can sign up for Life Reimagined. Some services do not have a cost, but online coaching sessions do require a fee. 

Stop living your life in neutral. Dream big, set goals and live a Life Reimagined

Disclosure: I received an opportunity to try this service for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Sometimes it is good to talk things out with someone who isn't close to you. That way you can get an unbiased opinion!

  2. I think you should write about what inspires you, even if it means losing some readers, you'll pick up new ones in no time. I started out all over the place with my blog and I know it's held me back in some ways but if I tried to keep it reined in I'd burn out and there would be no blog at all. Good luck!

  3. Writing what's important to you and following your heart is important. You have to do what makes you happy and it will all work out in the end!

  4. Good Luck in your journey. When you find yourself hopefully your blog will be a excellent outlet for you.

  5. Sometimes the best thing we can do is say things out loud and then they don't seem as bad. Glad your session with the life coach had a positive effect and can't wait to see your new direction.

  6. How exciting to be able to work with a life coach. I am sure that some of the things you discussed really resonated with you. I think everyone could use a little help from an outsider.

  7. Talking it out always seems to help me. Although you may be anxious of what negatives could happen, just remember that great things are waiting for you as well!

  8. That sounds like a great service. I think I want to try it out!


  9. I am like that, if I see something I nto do . . . I simply do it . . . I don't think I am reckless by any means, but confident. I've been like that since I was a child. I think people are inherently born with this instinct.

  10. This sounds like an awesome program. I know quite a few people that benefitted greatly from life coaching.

  11. What a great opportunity for you as a writer! I think the best thing we can do as writers is remember to share our authentic voice and you are certainly doing that!

  12. I think a life coach is such a great way to help you make and realize your goals! Sometimes an outside ear, especially a trained one is such a big help!