Business blogging focuses on relevancy not breaking the internet

When you hear the term blog, some people think of mom writing about their child’s first moments, some fantastic vacation locale that you will never visit or the mundane opinion on the latest fashion trend that only the uber wealthy can afford. While these posts may have quite an entertainment value, these examples don’t reflect the value of a business blog. 

Does this post have anything to do with Blue Man - no, but Blue Men are funny
With a google amount of websites and businesses across the globe, companies can struggle to find their niche. Using a business blog to present the company’s authority on a subject, product or industry can effectively drive business to the company. The key to a successful business blog is relevancy.
Many website owners understand the importance of publishing content, but irrelevant blog content can hinder a business’s success. Since a business blog seeks to establish a company’s authority and presence in the marketplace, a non-relevant blog can hurt the company over time. But what is non-relevant blog content?

A new company has created a pre-packaged chocolate cake that has only 25 calories per slice. It is a dieter’s dream to be able to eat a delicious dessert and not spending two days on the treadmill running off the extra calories. Even dietitians believe that this cake has health benefits. Made from beets, this cake gives three daily servings of vegetables. By everyone’s standards, this cake is a dessert miracle.
To announce this world changing cake, the business needs to get some publicity. Even the old-school marketing department agrees that blogs and social media are necessary to blanket the internet with this earth shattering news. The company sets to create some blog posts to talk about the cake. But what should those blog post cover?
Since the company wants evergreen content to drive interest to their amazing cake, the blog topics need to bring in interested readers. Hoping to break the internet, the company adds blog posts about Kim Kardashian eating chocolate cake. While some people think that Kim K’s every move is worthy of a front page spread, her chocolate cake eating habits won’t help the company. Even if Kim K was holding the company’s miracle cake with a big brand logo (even implying that you too could have a Kim K figure by eating this cake), these types of posts won’t build the company’s business over time. In reality, the non-relevant posts can hurt the company’s authority. 

Instead of posting celebrity driven, non-relevant content on the business blog, the company could share stories on how beets keep chocolate cake moist. Some relevant information on the health values of beets shows why the company used this ingredient in their product. Even a post about why beets aren’t a favorite vegetable could be helpful. After all, how many people sit down to a bowl of beets just because they enjoy the grainy, woodsy beet flavor. 

The goal of any business blog is to create relevant content for their product within a relevant industry. While every business or social media influencer wants to have tons of klout, the goal shouldn’t come with undermining its authority.  

Next time your company wants to break the internet, make sure the published content supports your company’s vision. Just like that embarrassing Facebook picture of you wearing the purple tube dress and bad 80s hair, the non-relevant business blog may come back to haunt you time and time again.

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