Resolve to the best you, not another resolution

As everyone heads back to work, school and a busy schedule after a long holiday, some people are determined to stick to a New Year’s Resolution. Typically, some people make resolutions for the New Year. Both on January 1 or during the first week of the year, some people resolve to lose weight, eat better, spend more time with family, work out more, stop smoking, travel more or a myriad of other resolutions. For 2016 why not resolve to be the best you. 

Many of the typical New Year resolutions come with some level of comparison. Think about it. The idea to lose weight, be healthy or work out more is an amazing goal, but why are you choosing that resolution. Are you trying to fit into that perfect bathing suit or are you trying to be able to play more with your kids? 

The first statement can be viewed as a comparison. Who is saying that you need to be a certain weight, shape or size to look good in a bathing suit? Will a perfectly toned stomach make that swim with your kids much more memorable? Will a little cellulite ruin the perfect sunset view from the pool on vacation?  These questions might make you think about why you choose that particular resolution. 

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to her own opinions and I’m not trying to change yours. I’m trying to encourage others to think about themselves first. If you want to see if you can fit into that bikini from your honeymoon great – go for it. But if you’re only making that resolution because 5 moms from your playgroup are all going on a spring break to Mexico and you’re trying to keep up with them, maybe that resolution is a little empty. Will it make you happy to wear that bathing suit or will you be more frustrated because you can’t share a cookie with your kids at the end of the day? 

When thinking about resolutions why not put the perspective on being the best you. Everyone is different. Maybe you will never wear that honeymoon bikini again but you can now you can run a 10K with your friends. Maybe at the start of your marriage you couldn’t cook anything without setting off the fire detector, but now your homemade sugar cookies can make your kids happy after a hard day. Maybe you couldn’t find joy in any moment of your day, but now you wake up with a smile on your face. The idea is to focus on you. 

What does the best you mean? I can’t answer that because I’m not you. Everyone has to determine what is best for her. This resolution is harder that many typical resolutions because it cannot be easily measured, quantified or attained. Everyone can see that elusive spring break bikini picture but can you see the smile of pure joy captured in the moment? 

Determining what is the best you comes with some self-evaluation. What do you want, what will make you happy, what will make you fulfilled? These questions come with answers that will probably change over time as you change. Still a few moments to think about where you are and where you are going can help resolve what is necessary to become the best you. 

So as everyone talks about how they resolved this or they will stick to this year’s resolution, take a deep breath. The best you is the only resolution that matters.


  1. Resolutions have to be for yourself - and how you feel. But I look at them this way - focus on one element for 30 days - really stick to it. Then after 30 days, add something new to your routine to make yourself feel better or improve yourself.

  2. I don't normally make a resolution. I am setting a goal this year to get in shape before my 2 cruises.

  3. I love this concept. I don't want to change myself just have a better form of me. Great read.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever actually made resolutions because I know they will just fail. I do try to make goals at the start of the year when I'm looking to make changes in my life.

  5. I like that. "The best you is the only resolution to have." What a great positive beginning to 2016.

  6. I love this - The Best you is the only resolution to have! YES YES YES! I want to be more present and there for my kids but also healthier for ME! This is such a great post! Thank you for your authentic feelings!