Holiday tipping, what not to do

During the holiday season, many people think about giving back to others. From making cookies for a neighbor to showing your appreciation to your favorite babysitter, the holidays are a great time to put forth a little extra effort.  When it comes to holiday tipping, many people are unsure of the how, what and when is appropriate. Here are a few tips item to avoid during the holiday season. 

Holiday tipping don’ts 

Don't Exceed What You Can Afford: Tipping is important, but it's not something that should put you in debt. Give what you can and no more. Remember that running up your credit card bill to account for tips means that you'll be paying more over a longer period of time.
Don't Feel Like a Grinch: Can't afford to exceed what you gave your doorman last year? You're not a holiday scrooge. Add a thoughtful hand-written thank you in your card this year (and every year for that matter!) and a add box of from scratch cookies to show much you appreciate his hard work.
Don't Re-gift, Unless...: Re-gifting is generally taboo, but there are exceptions. Not a coffee drinker and find yourself with a $20 Starbucks gift card? There is no crime in giving it to your latte-loving babysitter as a special holiday thank you.
Don't Forget What Holiday Tipping is all About: Holiday tipping is part of the holiday spirit and is meant to show appreciation for a job well done. While cash is definitely the most popular tip to receive, those important people in your life will be grateful for the recognition for their hard work.

Remember holiday tipping should be appropriate for you and your family. In the end, the important factor is that the people in your life know how much they mean to you.

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