Tight, toned and looking holiday fabulous with Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

With the holiday parties filling up the calendar, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Even though the wine will be flowing and the desserts will temp, a few key decisions can keep anyone looking and feeling holiday fabulous. Even with good food choices and a strong workout routine, everyone can use a little boost to look the best in that red party dress. Thin Botanicals Body Wrap can offer the boost to make anyone look holiday fabulous.

According to the company, Thin Botanicals Body Wrap offer the following:
  • Immediate long term inch loss and body contouring. Customers report seeing weight loss and inch loss in all problem areas.
  • Detoxification process helps improve body metabolism while blocking the absorption of oils, sugars and starches.
  • Dissipates fats and toxins while tightening and toning loose skin.
  • Destroys cellulite and reduces stretch marks, especially after pregnancy. Easy to apply out of the box. NO MESS!
  • Clinically tested-100% natural herbs and plant extracts. 100% money back guarantee. Consider buying a pack for you and a pack for your friend.
Having received this item from the company, I was excited to try this type of wrap. While I enjoy working out, my indulgence in one too many pieces of Halloween candy has left my stomach area not ready for those holiday dresses. I thought that these wraps would help where a pair of spanx could night (no one liked being an encased sausage at a party). 
After wearing the wraps as directed by the instructions, I did some some difference. To be honest, I didn't expect to see radical (ie it looked like I had a tummy tuck) differences in my stomach area. I'm realistic. What I wanted was to have more room in my pants and no obvious bulges in my dress. Overall, my stomach area looked slightly more toned. The skin felt smoother. Most importantly after using them, I felt more confident in my holiday outfits.

If you are looking for a little boost in your confidence and appearance, I think that this product is worth a try. You may not loose 50 pound by wrapping your stomach, but you may get rid of some muffin top.  
The Thin Botanicals Body Wrap is available on Amazon.com. The current price is $39.99 for 5 wraps. 
Disclosure: I received this product from the company for my honest review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity. 

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