Make playtime about learning with these educational toys - Holiday Gift Guide

As a parent, I love it when I can sneak in educational aspects during playtime. The kids are having fun and learning at the same time. It is a perfect scenario.

Here are some educational based toys that your kids will love. Just don't tell them that they are learning.

Thames and Kosmos Chemistry Set
The Thames and Kosmos Beginner Level Chemistry set offers 75 experiments that are easy to perform and understand. With a 40 page manual, kids and caregivers can start with easier experiments and build their confidence. All the tools to success are included in the kit. Kids can learn how to make invisible ink, surface tension of water and many, many more. Your kids will start asking to "play" with science.

Red Toolbox
Being able to build an item from scratch takes skill. Red Toolbox offers a wide range of wood building kits for various skill levels. These kits use real wood and tools.  Kids and parents can expect to assemble, glue, hammer and file. Kits can be painted to personalize. These kits offer kids and parents the chance to spend time together while learning a new skill.

Nancy B's MoonScope
The Nancy B's MoonScope can start the sky gazer's dream. The MoonScope makes looking at the night sky easy for the younger set. With magnification up to 90x, the night sky sparkles under the lens. Whether you want to see Saturn's rings or the mountains on the moon, sky gazers can explore all the night has to offer. With the activity journal, even the novice sky gazer can become more in-tune with the celestial beings. A telescope can let the user travel to faraway places without leaving home.

Disclosure: I received some of these items to review. All opinions are my own. 

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