How do you serve Cabot Cheddar? Tips on storage and serving

Whether it is a snack or an elaborate cheese tray, serving and storing Cabot Cheddar the right way can enhance its full flavor.

Cabot offers the following tips to enjoy its award winning cheddar.

  • Refrigerate your Cabot cheddar immediately.
  • When serving, allow the cheese to come to room temperature for the richest and most fully-developed flavor, texture and aroma.
  • If surface mold develops, simply cut it off and re-wrap in fresh plastic wrap. Flavor and quality will not be affected.
  • Once opened, re-wrap any remaining cheese tightly in plastic wrap and store in your refrigerator.
  • Properly wrapped and stored in your refrigerator, Cabot natural cheddar will keep for many months. We do not recommend freezing our cheddar as texture will be compromised, although freezing prepared dishes containing our cheeses will not affect quality.
  • Storage at room temperature for even a few hours may cause butterfat in naturally aged cheddar to separate from the cheese. The flavor will not be affected and the cheese is still edible, but may be somewhat drier due to loss of moisture.

Taste the difference this holiday season. Give yourself and your friends a delicious cheese from Cabot.

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  1. Cabot Cheddar is THE best cheddar I have ever tasted! Man, that stuff is good!