Keeping family holiday movie traditions with SpiritClips - review

SpiritClips asked me to share my thoughts and opinions on their service. For writing this post, I will be compensated. 

When the holidays roll around, I have a selection of movies that my family and I always watch. Some movies are silly and others are heartfelt. It is tradition and I don't want to break it. Unfortunately, this year my family's schedule is beyond busy. Free nights at home with the DVR is a luxury that we don't seem to have. I want my favorite, family friendly flicks on the go when I want them. I'm turning to SpiritClips. 

SpiritClips is  a subscription streaming video service that offers heartwarming films for the whole family. The service offers a variety of programing including handpicked Hollywood feature films, Hallmark Hall of Fame® movies, original shorts, and compelling series and documentaries. 

SpiritClips is committed to sharing programing that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Families can be assured that the content on SpirtClips does not contain the following:
  • R rating
  • Excessive violence, language, or nudity
  • Irreverence
  • Political agendas
  • Divisive social issues
Since so many families are busy and on the go, SpiritClips can be views via smartphone (Android and iOS), mobile tablets, online, and stream-to-tv on devices including Roku, Boxee, GoogleTV, SamsungTV, and NeoTV.

In addition to the well known favorites, Spirit Clips has some original features. One feature, Treasure in the Snow, is a quick movie about an article seismologist and a little penguin. As the blizzard rolls in, the scientist must decide whether to save the little penguin from the hole or stay in the safety of his truck. The seismologist saves the little penguin but is overcome with the storm. Unable to see his truck, he questions his decision. Luckily the penguin helps to lead him back to the safety of the truck. The morale of this story is that good deeds reap great rewards. By looking out for others, good will come your way. 

This movie is just one of the many great selections on SpiritClips. I like the idea of having this program on the iPad while traveling this holiday season. From the plane to grandma's house, there is always a program that the kids can enjoy. 

Right now, SpritClips is offering a 1 Week Trial Trial. The cost for a subscription is $4.99 a month or $35.99 a year. For the amount of programming, the cost is a great deal. 

For more information on SpiritClips, please visit its website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.
If you are looking for family friendly programming that you can count on, consider SpiritClips. 

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