SMARTFOOD Selects, all the crunch with less guilt- review

There are a few items that a person needs while watching a sporting event, movie or a day sitting on the couch watching reality television marathons. One of those must have items is a good crunchy snack. The downside is that many snacks are high calorie and basically wreck all my hard work at the gym. But, I've found a snack that satisfies my crunch without all the guilt, SMARTFOOD.

You might be familiar with SMARTFOOD popcorn, but there are new Selects from this brand. The Selects line offers a variety of flavors and types that will make your taste buds awaken from their slumber. The combination of spices on popped chips and puffed corn are sophisticated yet familiar in their own way.

Most importantly, many of these products have 9 trans-fats, no artificial colors or preservatives and are low in calorie. Plus, the light airiness of the puffed corn helped me eat less and feel less bloated. While each product varies, 1 oz (approximately 68 pieces) is about 160 calories.

My personal favorite Smartfoods puffed corn is the sour cream and onion. I've been eating a small bowl with my lunchtime sandwich. The flavor is bold, yet doesn't overwhelm my mouth with too much onion. It is a great combination of tang and crunch. Plus, I only eat about 20 pieces, which means that I'm at about 65 calories (at lot less than a bag of chips).

Smartfoods products are available at many retailers including Costco, CVS, Walgreens and many more. For more information all the products, please visit the Smartfoods website.

Disclosure: I received this product via the #gotItFree program.

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