Champion Me books, see your kid brought to life on the written page - review/giveaway

My two kids are very different. One child has such a thirst for knowledge and a desire to read. My other child sees reading as a boring chore. Finding a good balance between those two extremes can be difficult. I've found that creating an exciting environment or an engaging story is the best way to keep my boys reading.

Since we have 20 minutes of school related reading a night, we have a lot of books in our house. I look for books that can grow with my children. When kids are younger, we often read to them. Overtime, I want my kids to be able to read that familiar book independently. In our house, books need a strong plot line, a variety reading levels and a hook to keep kids coming back again and again.

One company that fulfills all of these requirements is Champion Me Books. This company offers 4 books that customize your story with your child. What makes this book seller different is that the story is more than the incorporation of a name. The main character of the book can be customized to look like your child. From hair color to skin tone to even glasses, the hero or heroine of the book can relate directly to your little one.

Looking over these books, I chose to purchase In Gadgetland for my son. Since he loves all things science (yes, this is the child who will watch the Science and History channel over cartoons), I knew it would be a perfect fit. The premise of the book is simple. A doctor seeks to cure a patient with a very bizarre ailment.  Through experiments and trials, the friendly doctor helps his patient and finds an assistant for his work.

What I like about this book is that the plot is easy to follow. The word choice is simple for introductory readers, yet not too baby like. My son could read this whole book for his night reading homework. Plus, with his name and likeness, I know that he will want to read about the adventure. 

Champion Me Books offers four different books. Each books contains your child's name and one of the following: The Skonkeropolous, Vs. The Scribble Monster, The Great Escape of the Mighty Star and In Gadgetland. 

Also, all of these titles are available for ereaders. For anyone who is traveling this holiday season, you may find that ereaders are a perfect way for kids to keep up with their reading without lugging too many hard cover books. 

Champion Me Books retail for $29.99 for a hardcover book, $21.99 for a softcover book or $6.99 for all four ereader books. 

Would you like to give one of these personalized children's books to a special child this holiday season?  Please use the Rafflecoper to enter. 

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  1. Vs. the scribble monster sounds cute

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  5. The great escape of the mighty star

  6. I love the scribble monster!

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