The first step is the hardest, conquering my fear - review

In my paths in my life, I have chosen to take the sure-footed, conservative route. From law school to personal matters, my adventure lies in reading about others' big leaps of faith. Now, as a mother, I'm noticing that I can't always choose the safe road. Yes, I should be cautious, but I walk a fine line between safe and being a scaredy-cat. I definitely don't want my kids to fear adventure or new endeavors, so I'm ready to take step. The step off a giant zip-line into the Costa Rican jungle.

For years my husband and I have spoke about taking a big family vacation to someplace exotic. Some options were Australia, Tahiti, and Africa. The key to all these potential excursions was we had to go some place we've never been and the kids would go with us. After doing some research a location or two was thrown out (kids really should be over 8 to go on safari - FYI), we chose Costa Rica.

Costa Rica was chosen for several factors. Besides being on our must visit list, we were able to find a resort that worked for families, had the many amenities that my husband enjoys and didn't cost the price of a new car. With all those items met and a huge amount of frequent flier miles cashed in, we are all set to go to Costa Rica next year.

Now comes the scary part, my kids want to zip-line in the jungle. Yes, I know. It's a must do, bucket list experience. But, for most of my life, I've been super afraid of heights. No I don't look down from the SkyDeck of the Willis Tower and I close my eyes on roller coasters. But, as we browse vacation brochures, my kids are determined to go zip-lining and this mom will make sure of it.

I've noticed as my life progresses that I'm more apt to do something with or for my kids than I will for myself. The fear of letting them down or disappointing them is greater than my fear of the event. So, next year on our trip, I will put on a helmet, harness and keep my eyes open as we soar through the jungle on a zip-line.

What's next on my "to conquer list"?  I'm not sure, but my kids will lead me in the fearless direction. Hopefully there are no snakes involved.

I, like other women, often have trepidations about trying something new. For example, Karen Exhorn is the author of autism books as well as an autism advocate and corporate speaker. Still, while a well know writer and presenter, her expertise is on a specific subject, not the realm of fiction.

When not expecting the inspiration or twist of fate, she was struck with the idea of composing a work of fiction. Still not quite ready, the idea floated in her consciousness until lightning struck. While sitting at a pool listening to other women's conversations, she hear a common theme. It seemed that everyone (and maybe you too) was or had read the infamous 52 Shades of Grey. From the dashing Christian to the ominous red room, this guilty pleasure was a hot topic of conversation for many women. 

Knowing that she had a voice and a skill at writing, Exhorn took the plunge into the deep end with a light-hearted parody of the 52 book called  52 Shades of Blue-ish. This tongue and check take on the "mommy" book of the summer channels the Jewish perspective to infamous page-turner.

By writing this book Exhorn took her leap of faith into the world of fiction and away from her comfort zone. Like the character in her book, Exhorn let the signs of fate guide her into a new experience. In the process, she brings a little levity to women's fiction and accomplished her goal to create a work of fiction.

To read a portion of this book, please click on this link.

Are you ready to take a leap or cross off an item on your bucket list?  You never know when inspiration might strike.

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