It may be cold, but you still need protection, a Coppertone Mom's advice

As many of us have seen snow fall over the past week, we are thinking more about gloves and hats than sunscreen protection. If you have ever experienced the glare off bright white snow, you can realize that sunscreen is needed all year round.

So when the kids are getting ready to bundle up with all the winter gear, make sure that their skin is safe from dangerous UV rays. A simple swipe or two of sunblock around their noses and cheeks can make sure that the redness is from playing too hard and not sun damage.

Also, don't have the winter blues when snowed in this winter. Make a snowy beach party. If you haven't put away the sand pails and shelves break them out for the next snowy adventure. Make a snow castle with your bucket for Frosty.

Get out and have some fun this winter season. Just stay protected with Coppertone products!

Disclosure. I am a Coppertone Mom. Products have been provided to me in consideration for my raising awareness for sunscreen products.

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