Christmas Coloring Book, catch the holiday spirit with this app - review

The holidays are here which means that families start traveling to see relatives. Since most kids do not like to be bored, parents tied to have lots of activities to keep them occupied. At the same time, parents don't want to bring an entire house full of toys on a trip.

A great way to allow kids to express their creativity is a coloring book. The biggest problem that I have with coloring books are crayons and markers. I'm sure many moms have many crumbled crayons at the bottom of your purse. It's not fun to see your purse destroyed with that particular mess. The additional downside is having crayons and markers in your car. If you have ever tried to get melted crayon out of a car seat, you understand my dislike. Still what options are available to us?  I've found the solution for our family, coloring book iPhone and iPad apps.

This holiday season a new Christmas themed coloring book app has been released for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is called the Christmas Coloring Book. Right now, this app is free on iTunes.

The Christmas Coloring Book is suitable for young users up to adults. The vibrant colors and line features allow the user to express his own creativity. With the zoom feature, even the smallest details can be brought to life. Plus, users can save a picture of their creations to print or share on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

My kids have been playing with the Christmas Coloring Book app. Since the kids wanted to change it up a little, they decided to do crazy coloring images. In our Santa image, Santa was a Packer Fan (a green and yellow suit). Then with a shake of the device, the coloring is gone and you can create again. Since there are numerous pages to color, the kids were amused for a good hour. For anyone on a road trip, an hour of quite driving is a beautiful thing.

Right now the Christmas Coloring book is FREE on iTunes.

Get those electronic devices for the week ahead. Download the Christmas Coloring Book and keep the kids creatively entertained.

Disclosure: I wrote this review as part of a promotion.  

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