Finding ways to make college affordable

As many high school seniors will be getting ready to apply for their educational future, there can be a question as to higher education costs. While public grants and scholarships many help offset the tens of thousands of dollars, there can still be a burden on the affordability of a college degree.

No one wants to push a child's dream of a bright future aside. The benefits, almost necessity, of a college degree is immersible. But, the current job market and lack of high paying jobs can put a damper on those high hopes. What can you tell a prospective college student to make the future look brighter?

When I call college applicants, I instruct them to find all the information that they can about scholarships, grants and private loans. While money may not flow as freely as previously, there is money available for higher education. Most importantly, the student and their family must understand all the options available to them.

For example, is a private school that offers more scholarship money a better option that in-state tuition. How much do you think a monthly loan payment would be after graduation?  Will you continue your education in graduate school?

A loan is not free money. The balance must be paid back at some point. It may take years and a well established career to finally be free from the debt. No matter the circumstances, an educational loan must be repaid. For more information on loans, please click here.

Still a higher education is a great investment to a person's future. Just make sure that you understand the whole picture when making a smart decision.


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