Thor, the crown prince superhero is our 2012 Avengers Halloween costume - review

Like thousands of others this summer, we saw The Avengers. My son has been obsessed with all the Marvel super heroes. From Iron Man to Captain America, we have all the toys, books, and video games to keep him engaged in all things Avengers. Of course, when it came time to choose a Halloween costume, it had to be an 2012 Avengers Costume. While his choice is my personal favorite, I was somewhat surprised with his choice this year, Thor.

If you aren't familiar, Thor is the crown prince of Asgard.  He is very strong and wields a powerful hammer. With the use of his hammer, Thor can summon weather to help in his battles

When my son received his Thor Halloween costume, he immediately had to put it on. This version of Thor comes with a fully muscled chest and long red cape.

I asked my son what he liked best about his costume. One simple gesture said it all, the muscles. He answered that it makes him a strong protector. He told me that he would product me from any wrong doings this Halloween.

What I like about this costume is that it works well for trick or treating and school events. I don't have to remove weapons or worry about masks. Once he puts on the full bodied costume, he is all set. The persona he assumes is all his own. Since we live in a colder climate, this costume works well with possible additional layers of clothing too. It is sad to watch kids get ready for Halloween only to have their costume covered with a jacket. With my son's Thor costume, we can add some long underwear underneath and he is good to go.

Also, we will add the special Thor hammer for actual trick or treating on Halloween night. I'm not sure if he truly needs the extra gadget, but it will make him happy.

This version of the Thor costume is based on the new 2012 Avengers movies. Whether you saw Thor or 2012 The Avengers, you will instantly recognize the character. All the Avengers superheroes as well as many other popular Halloween costume themes can be found at

Not sure what you want to be this Halloween?  Check out the website's Facebook page for some fun inspiration.

It's just 35 days till the big event?  Whether you are Captain America, the Hulk or my favorite Thor, it's time to get ready for Halloween.

Disclosure: I received this costume to review. All opinions are my own.

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