Bringing shine to the highs, lows and ahas, entrepreneur Claudia Beeny

I have been lucky in my life to have friends and family that are exceptional people. From supportive caregivers to inspirational women, I have been given many examples of strong women who encourage me to dream big. One woman that I consider a friend and an entrepreneurial leader is Claudia Beeny.

I first met Claudia through my husband. My husband and her husband were graduate school classmates and long time friends. Although distance and responsibilities limit the time that we see each other, I have watched as Claudia has transitioned college educator to independent, business woman.

Several years ago, Claudia, with a group of friends, started a website called High Low Aha. The name is based on a daily ritual her family has. Every day the Beeny family must share the high point of the day, the low part of the day and the aha moment that happened. This simple exercises teaches all of us that every day has good, bad and growth potential. A one word answer to how was your day leaves out about 1399 minutes.

The website High Low Aha developed over time to become The House Of Shine. According to the website's introduction, here's what you can find at The House of Shine. "It’s a place to find your daily dose of inspiration. It’s an interactive community where leaders come to grow. And it’s your source for discovering your inner greatness, and sharing it with the world. Come on in. Get inspired. And get moving."

What I enjoy about this website and the ladies involved with it, these women strive to bring out the greatness in others.  Through being present in the moment to realizing the impact of little things, I've learned to be a better parent, strive for more in my business and more fulfilled in my daily life. This community of women seeks to build each other up in each endeavor that they pursue.

An important aspect of their mission is to educate and empower our future women leaders. As a learned educator, Claudia's workshops for college students, she enlightens them with strategies that have helped her succeed in her life path. Without a strong sense of community, your greatness cannot be realized.

I have nominated Claudia and The House of Shine for Yahoo! Shine Women Who Shine.  Please consider voting for Claudia. Please follow this link to vote. To read more about Claudia and other inspiring women, please read their stories at

Next time you feel overwhelmed by the business of life, take a moment to see the shine in your day. Head over to the House of Shine and share your great moments with a community of women.


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