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If you have ever purchased woman's glasses, prescription or sunglasses for yourself  you may have experienced sticker shock. I am always amazed that some places can charge hundreds of dollars for such a small item. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that I refuse to buy glasses for myself, I just don't want to spend a fortune.

Currently, I have this desire to be up to date on all the current fashions. I spent too many years in yoga pants, hair pulled back, and sleep deprived. With a little freedom and time now that they kids are older, I want items that are on trend. Still, I'm a money conscious mom, so I don't want to spend a fortune. Plus, with my crazy school and sports schedules, I don't have the time nor the desire to hit every store in the mall looking for the best deal. I've turned to finding my glasses, both prescription and sunglasses, on-line. offers a wide variety of prescription and sunglasses that are on trend for the latest fashion as well as budget friendly.  Whether you pursue the site based on style and fit or go straight to the sale page, the price that you find for these glasses won't give you sticker shock. More importantly, there are many options on sale so you don't feel that you are settling for tired, old glasses based solely on price.

Another huge savings is their price match guarantee. If you are convinced that you've found a better price, simply call the Glasses Gurus at and they will beat the price by 10%. With this offer, I save both time and money. Two important items in my daily life. Plus, shipping is free; there is a  1 year warranty on defects, and 30 day returns no questions asked. I like to shop at a store with all my bases covered.

Over time, I've become convinced that buying his glasses online at a company like is a good fit for our family. One great option for our family is the damage service. At, this company will offer a 50% discount off the same frame replacement if your glasses are damaged within the first year of purchase. For us, this offer a huge benefit; after all I've lost count how many times my kids have caused me to replace my glasses.

I've found the answer to my glasses dilemma in my house. It's and no place else.

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