Moppy, making my floors sparkling clean - review/giveaway

I hate cleaning. I wish that I could hire a service to clean for me. It is my dream. Since I haven't won the lottery (at least not yet), I'm forced take on the cleaning responsibilities in our house. I'm always looking for products that makes my cleaning easier and don't contain harsh chemicals.

I've come to trust Natural House and its line of cleaning products. I was very interested in trying its new floor cleaner, Moppy.

Moppy is a probiotic cleaning product. What does that mean? The floor cleaner is eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Plus, Moppy can be used on multiple surfaces throughout the house. From hardwood to slate, one pouch of Moppy can clean all my floors.

I used a package of Moppy to clean my floors in the kitchen and bathroom. These areas are very high traffic. The kids track lots of dirt into the house from school, sports and general kid activity. While they were playing outside, I cleaned the floors.

I like the cleaning results. One pouch created enough suds to scrub all the floors. With this product, I didn't seem that it took super hard work to get off the grime. I hate to sit and scrub one stubborn spot for what seems to be forever. With Moppy, I would wipe and be done. Plus, my house smelled fresh when I was finished with my chore.

What I really liked is that the floor seemed to keep its shine for a couple of days after cleaning. I'm not sure if my floors would last the whole 30 days, but it did last longer than my normal cleaning methods. I'm all about reducing my cleaning time.

Moppy can be purchased on-line at the Natural House website.

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  1. I hate cleaning the floor because it takes forever to get the dirt off!

  2. What I hate about cleaning the floor is moving all the furniture and rugs to clean under it


  3. I hate cleaning because it is a never ending job...There is ALWAYS something to clean and it gets dirty, again, so quickly. (But, I love a clean house!)

  4. because it gets dirty right away ...

  5. We have wood floors and they seem to be dirty again just as soon as I'm done cleaning them.

  6. I hate it because I feel like I could do it every single day. It doesn't help that I have pets and kids and 90% hard floors. There are always dust/hair bunnies. Ugh.

  7. i hate my dog hair that my dog sheds, its disgusting when it gathers in clumps

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  8. Because as soon as I clean it, I have puppy paws everywhere or kid footprints.