Keep your cellphone budget under control this summer

It's hard to decide when kids are ready for cell phones. I've already heard the statement- Mom everyone has a cell phone. When do I get my cell phone?  Please, please. I'm a good kid. Of course, I wouldn't get my kids a cell phone because their friends have a phone. That logic is just silly. But, I am considering the purchase of  prepaid cell phones this summer.

Why might I consider this purchase for my kids?  We are very active in sports. Usually, I'm at every practice and meet. But what if there was an emergency and I had to leave. I haven't seen a payphone anywhere (regardless of what Maroon 5 song says). Yes, a parent might let my child borrow her phone, but would I know the call is from my child. With phone to leave in their sports bag they could contain me in case of emergency.

Since this phone would be prepaid, there would be no reason for the kids to use the phone because it was there. I could load the phone with a limited amount of minutes. By my choice, the phone wouldn’t have texting or internet. It would be strictly used for calling. My thought is that giving the kids a little sense of responsibility will encourage them to act appropriately. Over time we could graduate to more privileges.
I still am deciding what I will do this summer. But I like the idea of having options.

Do your kids have a cell phone?  What type of plan or phone do you use? Share your thoughts in the comments section. I’m ready for a good debate.



  1. You can buy a prepaid Tracfone for between $10 and $20 and run it for about $10 with a small number of minutes. The simple question is, it it worth a small amount of money to you to be able to locate your kid at any time. Spend one frustrating hour searching and you will answer yes.