Numi Organic Tea, soothing my sore throat

I have a bad cold right now. I feel (and probably look) miserable. Unfortunately my throat feels like sandpaper. All I want is something warm and soothing on my throat. While I generally like coffee, right now I just want some nice warm tea.

Recently I had the opportunity to try some Numi tea. It provided a nice soothing effect on my throat. Whether you like stronger flavors or prefer delicate aromas, you will like this drink.

In my sampler pack, I had three favorite varieties, Numi Breakfast Blend Tea, Numi Aged Earl Grey Tea and Numi Orange Spice Tea.

What I liked about each flavor was that it had a specific profile. For breakfast I like a mild beverage that pair well with fruit or oatmeal. I was able to find that.

Now that I have a sore throat, I prefer something stronger on my palate. The Orange Spice is perfect for calming my irritated throat.

Finally Earl Grey is a good every day flavor to have in the house or to offer to a guest. It pairs well with pastries or a light meal.

Having the Numi 8 Assorted Organic Teas Box in your house is perfect for a rainy day, the drop in guest or a moment relaxing in the afternoon.

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