Treating Pets Like Royalty

When you're on vacation, your pets can be on a vacation as well. There are boarding facilities that offer suites that are comfortable and feature amenities that the pet would find at home, such as a cot or a blanket. Facilities will also provide food and water as well as time outside for the dog to play. A luxury dog hotel offers a bit more in the way of freedoms that are offered and amenities to make the dog feel like it's in a castle instead of in a kennel.

With most hotels, the staff will contact the owner of the dog to make sure that they are still planning to arrive. This is to ensure that the space will be used. The staff will also find out if there is any special treatment that needs to be offered or if the dog has any dietary needs that the staff needs to abide by, such as a food for a healthy weight. Most luxury hotels offer a spa package that includes a bath and a massage. This helps the pet relax while away from home. It's a good idea to make sure that this service is included if the pet has never been away from your before as it can be a way for the pet to focus on the attention instead of being away from home.

When the dog is inside the suite, there will likely be some kind of sound. Some suites have a television that is set to an animal channel while others play soothing music. A benefit of your dog staying in a pet hotel is that someone will take the dog outside for walks and play time during the day. If the dog has been spayed or neutered, then there could be play time with other dogs staying at the facility. This is a fun time for dogs as yours might not interact with others at home. Dogs are fed a high-quality food and given water during the day. Treats are usually given as well. Your pet is treated like royalty at most luxury hotels, allowing you to focus on your vacation and time away from home.


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