Urban Hymn, letting a song lead a new path

I was sent a screening copy of Urban Hymn.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Life is full of choices. Sometimes those choices are easy and others are quite difficult.  The new movie, Urban Hymn, a young girl's difficult choices. 

Although sounding like an old person, kids today have a rough life.  Growing up too fast, too many temptations, lack of direction and a multitude of other issues are part of every day life.  For many kids, it is just easier to choose the like path, follow the crowd and basically give up.  The new movie Urban Hymn examines how a young girl can make a different choice by finding her voice, literally.

This movie examines the relationship of a social worker and a young girl. The young girl has a talented singing voice.  The social worker recognizes this talent and encourages the girl to explore her talent.  The hope is that this talent can bring the girl out of a less than ideal place.  But, the decision isn't as easy or clear as it seems.

Many of the characters and scenes are realistic.  As much as we want to over look it, kids make poor choices, use foul language and may be walking down a bad path.  If they are lucky, someone will try ton intervene and make a difference.  Unfortunately, many kids don't have a positive influence.

Even with a good voice in their ear, kids have to choose the right path.  Standing out from the crowd is often more difficult than the repercussions from a bad choice.

Urban Hymn is a good conversation starter.  The movie isn't easy to watch and it shouldn't be.  The dirty side of growing up is real even if no one wants to see it.  Change is possible, but only when the problem isn't ignored.

Although this movie isn't for young children, it could be a worthy watch for parents.

Urban Hymn is out now and available for download.    To learn more about this movie, visit their social media pages.  Facebook  /  Twitter


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