Discovering Palm Oil, #GoodBadPalmOil knowledge brings smart choices

This post is sponsored by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, #GoodBadPalmOil. All opinions are the writers. 

Open an article or watch a news show, almost daily there is a new reason, discovery or other study that changes how we cook, eat or otherwise consume food. From trending ingredients to new cooking techniques, all the information can be overwhelming. Still, a few key factors can help families make informed decisions on what and how they eat. 

First of all, not all ingredients are bad for you. For example, certified sustainable palm oil is good for you. The key to understanding this difference is to learn about certified sustainable palm oil. 

According to studies, 50% of supermarket goods contain a form of palm oil. From chocolate to soap, the ingredient lists on the containers show palm oil. But, not all palm oils are created equal. There is a difference between good and bad palm oil. But, do you know that makes palm oil good?

Palm oil can be grown sustainably. Sustainable palm oil can benefit local communities with fair working conditions and help protect valuable species and forests. With improved sustainability, good palm oil can transform both the consumption and the production for the better. 

Some forms of palm oil can be destructive to both the environment and the community. These bad versions of palm oil cause destruction of virgin rain forests and ecosystems. The destruction can put numerous species at risk of extinction and can increase the potential of environmental pollution.  Still, bad palm oil doesn’t have to be the only option. 

By becoming educated on palm oil, consumers can demand good palm oil. Look for companies that support the certified sustainable palm oil in their products. The certified sustainable label shows a commitment to a better future for the environment. 

Currently, there’s a new campaign from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. (RSPO) called ‘What’s your food made of?’. The campaign features three short fun films of knitted foods which raise awareness of good and bad palm oil. 

Palm oil is in so many products that consumers use on a daily basis. Its use isn’t going away. Make informed decision and support companies that use good palm oil. Support a better choice. Look for certified sustainable palm oil and protect the future. 

Raise awareness and ask for others to RSPO’s commitment that, by 2020, that ALL palm oil being used in our food come from a sustainable source. Use your voice and the industry will take notice.  

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