Making A Wine Basket

As holidays, birthdays and other special occasions approach, you might begin to think about the ideal gift for a family member or friend. An idea for something that has a personal touch are wine and cheese gift baskets. These are ideal gifts if you aren't sure what to give to someone. You can add small touches to the basket, such as cookies or candy, to make it personal instead of getting a basket o gift that you would find in the store.

Start with the basket. You need to find something that can hold all of the items that you plan to give. Try to match the type of basket or container to the occasion, such as a picnic basket for someone who likes the outdoors or a mixing bowl for a housewarming basket. Put colorful paper or liner in the bottom of the basket for added support and to help create a level surface.

If you know what kind of wine the person likes, then choosing the wine will be rather easy. A Merlot is good for someone who doesn't drink a lot of wine. You could also choose a dry wine for someone who likes to explore various flavors. Another idea is to get small bottles so there is a variety of flavors to choose from in the basket.

Cheese is a food that pairs well with wine, but make sure you add crackers or something else to go along with the cheese. Make sure it's non-perishable as you don't want the cheese to melt while it's in the basket. Pasta, olives and salmon also go well with cheese and wine. For the person who has a sweet tooth, chocolate or cookies are wonderful solutions.

When the basket is finished, you can add personal touches such as wine glasses or wine stoppers. Try to choose items that say something about the personality or the hobbies of the recipient. Secure all of the items in the basket, wrapping the entire gift in clear plastic wrap so that nothing is damaged before you give the gift. A large bow can be added to the top for a colorful touch.

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