Say more with Kisses Deluxe chocolates, holidays are a little sweeter at Walgreens

Even though we may not want to admit it, the holidays mean that there are a few more indulgences.In our house, chocolate is a staple for the holidays. Even though we may have a few more bites, I prefer a few smaller bites of chocolate to fool me into thinking that I'm really indulging. Luckily, Walgreens and Hershey's Kisses are helping me satisfy my chocolate indulgences.

Right now Hershey Kisses and Walgreens are partnering to say more with Kisses Deluxe Chocolates. This 20-count Kisses Deluxe package is exclusive only to Walgreens. These kisses offer a combination of roasted hazelnuts, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate.

When customers purchase any two participating Hershey's Kisses products at Walgreens, they receive 1000 points on their Walgreens Balance Rewards card. The offer is valid through 12/27/15. 

Say more this holiday season and indulge in your favorite Hershey Kiss.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Hershey Company.

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