Four tips for successful family travel

If your family is traveling for the holidays, the idea of a long, crowded flight with the whole family can bring much trepidation. While flight delays and long security lines are beyond your control, a good game plan can make a difference in your flight enjoyment.

Dress in layers
The temperature on an airplane vary greatly. From hot to humid to chilly, the range of temperatures can be a roller coaster. Having the family dress in layers can help adapt to the varying temperatures. Items like puffer jackets and vests or a light weight fleece can easily stuff into a carry-on bag or can even be used as a pillow.

Carry a change of clothes
Even though no one ever wants to think of the worse, spills, drops and other issues can arise at any moment. No one, especially a child, wants to sit in messy clothes. Besides the potential spill issue, a change of clothes can come in handy if your checked bags go on a detour. The extra clothes aren’t about fashion or vanity. Being prepared for the unexpected can help keep the crabbiness and frustration at bay.

Motion sickness can appear at any time. Even for experienced travelers, the dreaded queasy tummy can creep up on a flight. With kids, no one wants to be searching for the air sickness bag (trust me, been there, done that). Dramamine is an essential item in any carry-on bag. Whether you prefer chewable or pills, the anti-nausea pills can help calm the tummy. Plus, if you don’t use them on the plane, you might need them after Aunt Edna’s cooking.

Portable USB chargers
Do you start trembling when the red low battery light comes on your phone? What if the iPad powers off during the last verse of Let It Go. No one wants to hear the tears when a child can’t finish watching Frozen for the thousandth time. A portable USB charger, like GO PUCK, is a perfect solution. 

With GO PUCK, it’s like having a wall outlet that fits in your pock. GO PUCK is wearable power that can rapid charge any USB-powered mobile device. GO PICK can clip, strap or mount the portable power source anywhere. It can rapidly charge devices multiple times. This device can even mount to a GoPro and expand its battery life up to 8 hours. GO PUCK 3X model retails for $59.99 and the 5X model retails for $79.99.

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