Travel securely with your favorite shampoo, moisturizer and more #travelbottles

For the infrequent traveler, staying up to date on the numerous changes and rules that the TSA implements can be difficult. Even more concerning, airlines increase the baggage fees. Being a savvy traveler is becoming harder. With a set of TSA approved Dot and Dot travel bottles makes one travel experience easier.

Dot & Dot offers a set of TSA approved 4pc set of 1.25oz travel bottles. These bottles are approved for carry-on and are guaranteed not to leak. Whether you are a constant traveler or an infrequent one, this set of 4 travel bottles will make life a little easier.

One of the biggest complaints about travel bottles is the small opening to fill the container. Transferring shampoo or lotion from a larger bottle to a small bottle can be difficult. Small openings can cause spillage. These travel bottles by Dot & Sot offer a wide mouth to capture all the liquids without spilling over the container.

Sold in a set of four, these bottles offer the ability to color code the contents. Don't wonder which container holds conditioner or moisturizer. With a simple system, the traveler can grab the correct item with just a glance.

The set of four travel bottles from Dot & Dot are available on The set retails for approximately $25.

Disclosure: The reviewer was given this item for purposes of this post. All opinions are her own.

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