Pentel pens, write your way to teacher appreciation week

As teacher appreciation week approaches, many schools have celebrations for all the hard work the children's teachers do all year long. In our school, each day of Teacher Appreciation Week focuses on a specific theme. Since many teachers have spent their own money on school supplies, we are devoting one day to sending in school and office supplies. Our family is sending in a variety of Pentel pens.

Pentel is celebrating 50 years of offering numerous innovative products. Did you know that President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed his Great Society during his State of the Union Address, which he signed with a Pentel pen. From Presidents to Astronauts, Pentel has been a leader in the industry.

Since teachers have a wide variety of needs and uses in the classroom setting, we have decided to give Retractable Gel Pens, Mechanical Pencils and Retractable Ballpoint Pens.

These Pentel products are perfect for the classroom. From bright colors to the writing ease from the roller ball. These items will be useful for correcting papers, writing notes and even just an occasional doodle. The long lasting ink, comfortable grip and retractable feature makes these the must have pen for the classroom.

Pentel pens and pencils can be purchased at, which offers great deals on all types of writing instruments.

Disclosure: The writer received these items for purposes of this post. All opinions are her own.

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