Boardwalk Food Company beer bread, elevating the dinner side-dish

In many meals, bread is a staple. While the fluffy white sandwich bread is old school, a dinner pairing deserves a bigger, bolder flavor pairing. As home cooks seek inspiration from cooking shows, food magazines and local farmers, home dinner are exploring different flavors. Boardwalk Food Company's beer bread brings the flavor to your next dinner event.

Boardwalk Food Company puts a new spin on the classic beer bread mix. This company brings flavors like lemon poppy seed, rosemary sea salt and cornbread to the classic original flavor. With the variety of flavors, home cooks can pair bread with the rest of the meal.

Boardwalk Food Company sells a beer bread mix. Before anyone panics, beer isn't the only option to use as the liquid. Any 12 oz beverage will work. Also, if a beer is used, the alcohol is completely evaporated during the baking process. This mix can be used in a loaf pan, muffin pan or even mini-muffin pans for bread bite poppers.

The fun part of using beer in this Boardwalk Food Company breads is the options of flavors. Lagers or pilsners create lighter, flavored breads. While dark stouts or ambers create a deeper, more rich flavor. Also, watch the flavorings in the beer with the type of mix. A shandy style beer can highlight the lemon in the lemon poppy seed option.

Made in America, Boardwalk created flavors that were inspired by vacations on Boardwalk of Atlantic City. Founder and President Andy Yochum drew on experiences with her friends and family. 

I came to realize that the Boardwalk was more than just a place; it was a state of mind,” says Yochum. “Our products make it possible to enjoy the carefree, simple, social aspects of vacation in your everyday life. They’re easy to make, and special enough to share with family and friends.”

Boardwalk Food Company brings more options to the dinner table. Boardwalk Food Company beer bread mixes retail for $7.99 each.

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Disclosure: The writer received this product for purposes of this review. 

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