Wash it, don't waste it with Purex PowerShot - review/giveaway

As a mom of two busy, growing boys, laundry is a daily task. From the piles of swim towels from nightly practice to smelly socks from daily wear, laundry doesn't get a day off. While I wish that I could wave my magic wand to make the task be done, the fairy tale isn't a reality. I need to wash, dry and fold all those items. In addition to time, laundry can be a costly task. Measuring laundry detergent can be an un-exact science. Extra detergent doesn't mean cleaner clothes; it means wasting. Get a perfect measurement every time with PurexPower Shot.

Purex PowerShot is the only liquid laundry detergent that does the measuring for the user. Simply open the  cap, flip the bottle and dispense a single, super-concentrated dose of detergent. The built in auto dosing technology in the bottle does all the measuring. There is no over pouring or waste. The result is clean clothes without waste.

Since I believe that my children should have responsibilities, I have them help with the laundry. The common mantra in our house is "clothes not in the laundry room, don't get washed." Since I'm mom, not maid, the laundry requirement has worked to create responsibility in the kids.

With the new Purex PowerShot, I can add to my kids' to-do lists. With other detergents, I would be hesitant to ask my kids to pour laundry detergent. With the Power Shot, my son can wash his own smelly, chlorine tainted swim towels. By starting these responsibilities at a young age, my goal is to send my kids to college being self-sufficient in many tasks. No bags of laundry coming home on the weekends in our house.

Would you like to try the Purex PowerShot in your house?  I have 3 FREE product coupons to give away. Please use the Rafflecopter to enter.

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 Don't waste your money by over-pouring your laundry detergent. Wash it, don't waste it with Purex PowerShot.

Disclosure: The writer received this item to review. All opinions are the writers and were not influenced by anyone.  


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