Longer battery life with #iphone6vaxza Vaxza battery case - review

A moment of panic crashes over me as I stare at the battery life on my phone. With every key stroke, the number drops and drops. With a mere 20% battery life message pop-up, I know that I could be in trouble. Who wants to be left with a battery dead phone?  How will I message, tweet and Instagram till I find a power source. Luckily I have the Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case to come to my rescue.

The Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case offers up to 14 extra hours of talk time and 10 hours of browsing time for the iPhone 6. More importantly, the case provides protection for the phone itself. From bumps to scrapes, the battery case keeps the iPhone 6 safe. After all, a damaged phone is worse than a battery dead phone.

Unlike other battery cases, the Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case is quite streamlined. The case is rather light, basically the same size and weight as other protection cases. Since the case simultaneously charges alongside your phone, I don't have to worry about charging the case separately. Through the provided lightning cable,  the battery case is ready to power up anytime my phone is running out of juice.

Since iPhones are constantly updating the software, the Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case is MFi Certified. This characterization means that it's certified to be 100% compatible with iOS 8, and all future iOS upgrades and all iPhone 6 functions. No one wants to buy a new case over and over. This purchase should last as long as you own your phone.

The Vaxza Power and Protection Battery Case is available for purchase at Amazon.com. It retails for approximately $39.99.

    Disclosure: The writer received this product to review. All opinions, statements are the writer's and have not been influenced by anyone.

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