Reduce energy costs with a smart thermostat

If there is a moment of quiet, sitting down or otherwise free time, I must be sick. Our family is in constant motion. From school to sports to general life, little things can fall through the cracks. The occasional light left on, the dryer that runs all night long and even the iphone charger stuck in the wall can drain energy as well as increase the energy bill. But, the biggest contributor to the electric bill is the air conditioner. 

I remember reading that the family thermostat should fluctuate throughout the day. Why blast the AC while everyone is out of the house. It is a waste of money, right?  The downside is that I may not remember to re-set the temperature when everyone is home at night. The displeasure from my husband complaining that the bedroom is a nighttime sauna might make me suck up the extra cost of running the AC all day long. 

Luckily many local energy companies are offering programs and tips to help the busy family reduce their energy bills. For example, Direct Energy is committed to helping our customers build a smarter home, and thus cut down on their energy usage. The idea is to save customers time and make lives easier. Right now Direct Energy is offering the opportunity for anyone to learn more about creating a smarter home by visiting our Facebook page, or exploring our Comfort & Control Plans. 

Our Comfort & Control Plans 24 or 36 month plans offer fixed rate price stability, and a Nest Learning Thermostat (a $249 value) at no cost to you.

For families, Nest Learning Thermostat learns a family’s patterns and usage to help save money and reduce energy usage. The Nest learns your habits and makes adjustments based on your preferences over time. Additionally, the thermostat can be controlled from the smart phone. Whether heading home from the soccer game or spending the day at the park, your home will be delightfully temperature controlled

Here are a few tips to help reduce energy costs in your home. 

  • Install a smart thermostat, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Smart thermostats offer you climate control, the convenience of programming away from home, and more.
  • Your living room typically has multiple active light sources available. Make sure your lighting is energy efficient by switching traditional bulbs to CFLs or LEDs.
  •  Replace your old, inefficient appliances with new, efficient, Energy Star® appliances. Old appliances tend to run inefficiently.
  • Installing light dimmers can save cut your electricity use 40% over time and make your lightbulbs last 20 times longer.
  • Planting trees in optimal spots on your property will provide shade during the warmer months making your system work less hard to cool your home down.
  • Even when your appliances are turned off, they are still using electricity. Use smart power strips to combat energy vampires.
To learn more about the Nest Learning Thermostat, to enter the contest or see how much your family can save, please visit the Direct Energy website.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Direct Energy.

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