School papers organized with Smead - review

With the kids in the full swing of school, our house is drowning in paper. From study sheets to calendars to permission slips, the amount of paper that comes home is daunting. Since I don't want towers of paper on my kitchen island, my organization solution is Smead organization files.

Since I like to keep all items in a single location, this year we are using the Step Index Organizer for all important school papers. The organizer is sturdy to take the daily use of busy family. The plastic material helps to keep accidental spills and messes away from the important papers. We created a system for the pre-printed tabs and added a few custom items as well. There are 12 tabs, which helps to give many options for all the kids' subjects. The organizer helps to create responsibility for the kids to put important papers in one place. From weekly spelling words to science study guides, there is no complaining that papers are lost. Plus, we can throw the whole thing into the car for studying at weekend swim meets. With a price under $10, the simple organizer is well worth the money.

Besides the kids' activities, I help to organize their sports teams. The Smead products help to keep my paperwork for all the upcoming events. The Vertical File Folder, FasTab Hanging Erasable Folder and SuperTab Erasable Manila Folder make quick work of important documents. The ability to re-purpose the folders with the erasable tabs keeps costs down for the supplies. Plus, these folders are study to hold large meet documents and results. I don't fear that the folder will rip in my bag.

All of these Smead products are available at Shoplet. This website is the go-to for promotional products, medical supplies and office stationary. The prices are some of the best deals around.

No more excuses for piles of paper all around the house. Get organized today.

Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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