Lemonhead, pucker power with new look for the classic sweet and sour candy, review/givewaway

Ferrara, the number one non-chocolate candy manufacturer in the US, has been in the forefront of creativity and innovation in the candy industry for 100 years. One of its iconic brands, Lemonhead, is the quintessential sweet and sour candy that everyone has come to love. The Pucker-Power from these yummy candies is welcoming a new treat, Lemonhead Gummies.

The new Lemonhead Gummies offer the pucker power that everyone has come to love in a softer, chewy version. Kids tend to be drawn to the gummy texture. Even with the new texture choice, the familiar sweet and sour flavors come through. The soft, gummy option is perfect for a quick treat or a topping to your favorite ice cream.

Did you know that Lemonhead candy actually contains real lemon juice?  The sweet, tart flavor comes from the real lemon flavor tucked into the shell. Whether you suck on the candy or crunch into the shell, the flavor can make your mouth pucker.

In addition to the classic flavor, Lemonheads has several other flavor combinations. The apple, cherry, grape and orange gives a wider audience the sweet and sour options. Personally, the cherry lemonheads brings my favorite summer drink flavors to a candy form. Whether enjoying a treat at the movies or a topping for my ice cream sundae, I can find numerous ways to enjoy this candy.

When it comes to candy, I like to think beyond just eating a few pieces out of the bag.  I have used the original Lemonhead candy smashed and incorporated into icing for a lemony topping for a buttery cake. Other recipe options include cookies or even a gummy treat at the bottom of a cocktail glass. If you like the flavor, incorporate the Lemonheads in a variety of dishes. The options are limitless.

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Disclosure: I received this prize package for myself and to giveaway. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love Lemonhead candies. I remember eating these when I was a kid. I like the regular yellow lemonheads the best!!

  2. I love the regular chewy lemonheads.

  3. My favorite lemonhead candy is the grape.
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  4. I like the variety chewy lemonheads in the theater boxes!

  5. I like the original lemon heads