Binder organization made easy with Avery - review

As the school year gets in full swing, family organization is key to keep everything running smoothly. From after school sports to weekly shopping lists, papers are everywhere. A simple, easy solution is to use a family binder to compile all the items. 

Avery has several binders that can stand up to the task. In our family, we use the Avery View Binder to hold all the papers. This binder offers a heavy duty cover that can withstand the beating of many hands. The easy open rings allows for quick, efficient addition of papers. 

Since a collection of organized papers is counterproductive, the Avery label dividers help to collate the information. Personally I like the Avery color label divider. I have given each subject a color. For example, all swimming paperwork is blue and all tutoring paperwork is red. It creates a simple system. For those preferring plain, Avery offers a clear label divider

When pursuing all the back to school supplies look at office supplies in a different way. These items or other office stationary can be used in the home setting for increased organization and efficiency. Is your family ready to get organized?  

Disclosure: I received these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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