Beach hair in the burbs with Surf Spray by It Hair Styling

Being at the beach has great benefits. From relaxation to catching rays, the beach has many benefits. For ladies, another great benefit is beach hair. Have  you ever noticed that beach hair is full of bouncy, texture that you don't get at home?  With Surf Spray, you can have beach hair any day. 

Surf Spray by It Hair Styling offers the following: 

  • Natural Sea Salt, Marine Sea Kelp, Castor Bean Oil and our Exclusive Algae Triage Complex combine to create Sexy, tousled beach waves and wind blown volume
  • This Salon Formula spray has an amazing scent and delivers texture, unbelievable volume and tons of waves that last all day
  • Fastest kind of styling item- Spray, Scrunch, and Go
  • Abyssinian Oil as part of the formula makes for better more versatile surf spray

Just a few squirts of the Surf Spray can create lots of texture in your style. From cascading waves to carefree curls, your hair will look picture prefect without the effort. Everyone will be asking how you look so good. It's up to you if you share the secret.

Surf Spray by It Hair Styling can be purchased on for under $10. 

Disclosure: The reviewer received this product to review. All opinions are her own.

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