Time to be amazed, Deluxe Legends of Magic - review

My husband and children love watching magic shows. From the slight of hand to the theatrical tricks, they sit on the edge of their seats waiting to be amazed. After the tricked is completed, the guys are awed.  They pepper me with questions like - how did they do that, what didn't I see, how can I learn magic?  This holiday season they will be able to learn the magic they love with the Deluxe Legends of Magic.

The Deluxe Legends of Magic offers an aspiring magician all the tools to learn the craft. With over 250 tricks in this set, kids can start with simple slight of hand and work their way to more complex tricks. The set comes with instructions, poster and a 90 minute DVD. The DVD provides visual instruction and inspiration from legendary magicians.

Once the kids learn the tricks of the trade, they can perform a magic show for the whole family. With the kit on the table, they can begin the show. With a full array of professional props, wand, production tubes, phantom deck, Chinese sticks, and linking rings, the kids are set to perform classic magic tricks.

I like that these tricks are easy to perform and to understand. While this kit does take away some of the mystique of magic, the kids enjoyed knowing the magician's secrets. As a parent, I liked that they were thinking and reasoning as they learned all the tricks.

The Deluxe Legends of Magic is recommended for ages 7 and older. It comes with professional props, a cardstock performance table, instructions and DVD. With this kit 250 tricks can be performed.

The Deluxe Legends of Magic retails for approximately $59.99 at CP Toys, Constructive Play Things.

Disclosure: I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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