Transformers Construct-Bots, create your own Transformer, review/giveaway

Transformers have been and will continue to be a popular toy amongst kids. The ability to transform from robot to vehicle makes the toy extremely versatile. From the good Autobots who protect and the evil Decepticons that want to destroy, kids want to see who can battle the best.

Hasbro has created a new twist on the Transformers toy, the Construct Bots. This version of Transformers allows kids to customize their own version of their favorite Transformers characters. Each Construct Bot kit has the parts to create a favorite character, but the kids can switch accessories and pieces to create their customized Transformer.

My kids created their customized Transformer called Destructo-Bot. This figure was created out of the Shockwave Construct Bot Elite. After building the "Bot" with the instructions, the kids changed some of the weapons and the placement. According to the kids, Destructo-Bot can shoot fire bombs, take down building with a strong fist and slice through the enemy in a single blow.

As a parent, I appreciate that the Construct Elite figures comes with a carrying case. All the pieces can be stored in the case (which means no more missing pieces around the house).

The Transformers Construct Bot Elite action figure includes a robot frame, armor, weapons and accessory parts (between 50-55 pieces). The character can transform from robot to vehicle without taking it apart. All the parts from this toy are interchangeable with other Construct Bot sets. There are 10 characters in the line. This toy retails for approximately $14.99.

Other items in this line include the Transformers Construct Bot,- Scout, The action figure includes a robot frame, armor, a weapon and accessory parts. The Scout figure retails for approximately $9.99.

Transformers Construct Bot Triple Changer Assortment:
Build your own bot and convert between different modes. Quickly change from robot to race car to jet with a few twists and turns. In addition to the robot frame, armor, weapons and accessories, this version includes dual firing weapon launchers. It retails for approximately $24.99.

I have a Transformers Construct Bot Triple Changer to give one of my readers. Please use the Rafflecopter to enter.

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Disclosure: I received this product to review and to giveaway. All opinions are my own.