Empty wallet, yet determined, 2 Broke Girls Mondays on CBS - review

For many of us, there are times in our lives when income is a struggle. While I would dream of an overflowing bank of account, the reality was the balance dwindled. Each month more and more money went out of the account. From law school loan payment to general life expenses, broke defined my existence. What option did I have?  I had to cut back, way back and work harder than ever.

Since work consumed most waking hours, I knew that fun expenses like eating could easily be cut. Who needs a big juicy steak dinner with veggies and bread when a cup of coffee provides all the caffeine a woman needs during the day. Also, those cups of coffee come with few calories so I don't have to worry about gaining weight. The only downside is the slight shake, twitch, or vacant stare that occurs after 12 hours of just coffee. Over time and with hard work (and withdrawals), the cups of how we're replaced with a sandwich, cup of soup or the occasional chicken breast. 
Many colleagues were in the same boat. Between the grueling hours and the looming bills, many of us were struggling. Still the ultimate goal was dangling in the distance. Unfortunately, some of us made a few unconventional choices (I had a friend steal toilet paper rolls from the bathroom). In the end, we were not broken; rather, we were more determined to succeed. 

Any one who has struggled through hard times can related to the CBS comedy, 2 Broke Girls

2 BROKE GIRLS is a comedy about the unlikely friendship that develops between two very different young women who meet waitressing at a diner in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and form a bond over their dream of one day owning their own successful cupcake business.  Max and Caroline, unlikely partners, struggle and strive to their dream, but one thing stands in their way – they’re broke.  When Caroline discovers Max’s knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she visualizes a lucrative future for them and they begin to save money to reach their start-up money goal of $250,000.  As the girls’ cupcake tally expands week-to-week, they become closer to their goal and to each other.  As Max and Caroline climb toward their goal, we see that their “smarts” plus their “hearts” might just be the recipe for success.

2 Broke Girls has a new time. It airs on CBS each Monday at 8:30 EST (7:30 pm CST).

Do you have a struggle story?  Share yours and laugh about it when you watch 2 Broke Girls on CBS. 

Disclosure: I am writing this post as part of the Role Mommy Writers Network. I may be compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.


  1. LOL My first five years was a struggle story! I haven't seen this show yet, but it sounds pretty interesting.

  2. I have many. Once, we ate nothing but popcorn for almost a week because we couldn't afford any more groceries.

  3. My mother and I were on food stamps and I was on the free lunch program in elementary school. It helped me to really appreciate each dollar I have.

  4. I have never seem the show before, but I know what it is like to struggle, and it is nice to laugh about it now.

  5. Those years in are 20s were definitely a struggle for most of us, I think. But looking back they were also fun.