Kick the energy monster to the curb, upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances at Best Buy - review

Best Buy has asked me to share my opinion and experiences with ENERGY STAR appliances. 

When a family prepares its monthly budget, the energy bill often takes a large cut out of the bottom line. Did you know that the average family home energy bill is $2,000? If your family could cut a percentage of that cost wouldn't it be beneficial to your bottom line? 

Like some families, we have a second refrigerator in our garage. It is a great place to keep the extra water bottles for kids (keeping them hydrated while playing outside), supplies for our weekend parties and other miscellaneous items (shopping at a warehouse store requires space). Unfortunately, when that extra refrigerator goes down, we are presented with a dilemma. Do we search for an older, used model or do we spend a little more money for a newer, ENERGY STAR appliance.

For the cost conscious family, buying a new appliance may not seem like a smart fiscal move. In reality, replacing an older, non-efficient model with an ENERGY STAR appliance creates a savings benefit. Best Buy has more than 2,300 unique ENERGY STAR certified products. 

When looking for a new refrigerator Best Buy has several options that are ENERGY STAR approved and fit our needs. Since we are looking for a second refrigerator, I don't need a super deluxe model. There were several brands and styles that fit our needs. In doing some research, I understood that a standard refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR certification can help save me in the long run. By buying a new item,  I might spend a little more money on my initial purchase, but over time, I will be saving on my monthly energy bill. 
In doing some research, I didn't realize that many local utility companies provide additional rebates that can save up to $300. This additional savings can make that new purchase an even better option. To research rebates in your area, please visit the Best Buy online rebate finder. Combining a purchase rebate with monthly utility savings, I was able to justify the purchase of a new ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator.

Next time you are thinking of buying a new appliance. Consider all the options available and the impact that this new appliance will have on your lifestyle. Make an investment that can save you money over time with an ENERGY STAR appliance from Best Buy. 

Disclosure: I am a Best Buy blogger. For writing my opinions on this campaign, I will receive compensation. All opinions are my own, but specific facts have been provided by Best Buy.


  1. Great advice! My washer has been acting up so I've been thinking of getting a new one. I will definitely be looking for an Energy Star appliance! Thank you for the review!

  2. We got our refrigerator from Best Buy and it was a good deal, plus the employees were super helpful.

  3. We love Best Buy! We also love energy efficient!

  4. I love Best Buy!!! We also got our refrigerator from them

    Dee from MadameDeals