Travel the high seas with Long Sock Silver, Planet Sock Monkey - review

During BlogHer13, I attended an event where Patch Products , a toy company, discussed it's new products. 

The iconic sock monkey has received a twist. Gone is the plain, monkey with no personality. These monkeys have some attitude to amp up their personalities. Are you ready to Monkey up with Planet Sock Monkey?

Planet Sock Monkey is the line of monkeys by Patch Products that is all about personality. These limited edition, soft collectible dolls are full of bold style and unconventional attitude. With fashionable clothes and accessories, these 10" knit sock monkeys are as fun to play with as they are to collect.

Our first addition to our Planet Sock Monkey collection is Long Sock Silver. Since I secretly want to sail the seven seas, this pirate themed monkey is perfect for me and my family. Long Sock Silver is captain of the Black Banana. With his dred-lock hair and his eye patch, there is no mistaking that he is a monkey of his ship. But don't steal his grog or you might get his hook to your hand.

Long Sock Silver is just one of the member of Planet Sock Monkey. Other members include Ima Bananerd, Star Harmonkey, Magenta Beetsch, M.O.N.K and Eaton Dedd. Don't forget that these characters are available in limited qualities. New monkey friends will be added to the collection but don't wait to long to purchase your favorite.

Long Sock Silver and his band of monkey mates are recommended for children ages 8 or older. Each one retails for $21.99 and can be purchased online at

It is time to Monkey Up and dare to go where no monkey has gone before with Planet Sock Monkey.

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.


  1. That is adorable! My son loves monkeys and Pirates! He would love that!

  2. How cute are those! What a great twist to the good old sock monkey :) x

  3. Oh my gosh...that is just awesome!! Kinda like some Johnny Depp but as a sock monkey! LOL I have a kid or two who would love something like this for Christmas.

  4. Oh my goodness, if that isn't the cutest thing ever! I so need one of these little guys! ;)

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