The timed challenge may be finished, but I'm just getting started - Proskins Challenge

For the past month, I have been making changes to my lifestyle. These changes were spurred by the Proskins challenge. The challenged started by wearing a special pair of leggings from Proskins. These leggings are designed to help reduce cellulite and help the overall appearance and shape of my legs. While I know that nothing is a magic pill, I am pleased with my final results. 

Specifically, Proskins leggings are compression leggings that help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Through its advanced technology fabrics, the wearer can experience slimming effects, reduction of cellulite and more. Based on the clinical study, the sidebar image shows the effect of wearing these leggings for 28 days.

First, I want to be honest. If are looking to drop an insane amount of weight and/or size, please consider liposuction. Anyone who tells you that you can loose 50 pounds in a month is too good to be true. Here's what I experienced from the Proskins challenge. Did I lose some size in my legs/hips?  Yes. Did these leggings help get me on track for being stronger and healthier? Yes. Am I three sizes smaller, no. Like I said, nothing is a magic pill and if you think that you can drop 3 sizes in a month, I've got a great piece of property that I would like to sell you. 

Why should you take the Proskins challenge?  I think that anyone who is looking to jumpstart your workout routine or healthy lifestyle, Proskins are great. Anything that helps to motivate is important to me. 

More importantly, they are great to wear. These leggings are some of the most comfortable leggings that I've ever worn. I will definitely continue to wear them beyond the challenge. 

Overall, this challenge and Proskins helped me to gain confidence and feel good about myself. I am watching my food intake; I'm increasing my workouts; and I'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Any product that brings about a positive change is tops in my book. 

Are you considering making a change?  Check out Proskins to jumpstart your lifestyle changes. 

Disclosure:  I received this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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