Styling like a pro in half the time, KISS Tornado 360 Ionic hair dryer - review

To some, it may not look like it, but it takes me a long time to dry my hair. I have tried different methods and dryers, but I'm still spending what seems like an eternity in the front of the mirror drying my hair. Even though my current situation could be a time sucker, I don't want to damage my hair. An extra 10 minutes is not worth two inches cut off at my next hair appointment. Luckily, I have been introduced to a solution to my time runs that keeps my hair looking and feeling good, KISS Tornado 360 Ionic hair dryer

The KISS Tornado 360 Ionic hair dryer offers ceramic tourmaline technology, which enhances shine and eliminate frizz. It is light weight, yet durable. Most importantly, the patent pending rotating air booster means less shaking. Any woman who dries her hair can understand the benefit to no more shaking. Usually by the end of styling, my arm feels like it has gone through a good workout. 

Plus, this technology helps to reduce drying time. By having more air circulate around your head, your hair can dry more quickly and efficiently. For me, it was easy to dry, style and be out the door in a fraction of my normal time. 

Another factor that I enjoyed was that the dryer had 6 total setting options. Sometimes the various settings can help seal a style, like a cool blast at the end of styling. Occassionally, I use my hair dryer on the kids. It is a fast way to seal the hair gel and make those spikes pop. But, kids don't like hot dryers. The multiple settings allow me to do my magic without the complaining. 

The KISS Tornado 360 Ionic hair dryer can be purchased at a variety of retailers, including Walmart. This product retails for approximately $24.97. 

Stop fight your hair and wasting your time. Be stylish in a flash with the KISS Tornado 360 Ionic Hair Dryer. 

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.

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