Proskins challenge, getting on track, week 1

Occasionally I work with companies to provide my honest opinion. 
This summer my workouts have suffered. With a traveling husband and a busy kid schedule, my daily workouts have been sporadic (over non-existent). Besides not feeling on top of my game, my shorts could fit a little better. I'm not saying that I'm busting at the seams, but what was baggy, isn't. 

This past week I've worn my Proskins to workout, around the house and event to bed. At first the thought of wearing long leggings during a heat wave wasn't appealing. These are the lightest leggings that I have ever worn. More importantly they aren't overly constructive. I felt comfortable wearing them all day. 

While I like my leggings, I won't kid you. Did I drop 4 sizes in a week?  No. (That would require surgery, be honest everyone). Do my legs look and feel better?  Yes. Do I feel better about myself?  Yes. Am I happy with my first week?  Absolutely. 

Are you ready to take the 28 Day Proskins challenge?  Sign up today. 

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I just rejoined my gym...but haven't actually worked out yet. 0_o