Priorities take over my BlogHer experience

Across the blogersphere, many bloggers have been recapping their time at last week's BlogHer. No matter each attendees reason for attending, hopefully everyone gained insight from the trip.

I went to a small portion of the activities. I was able to attend BlogHer because the conference was in my city. I could split my time between home and the conference.

My main event was the expo. I met some amazing companies and people but I left early. I was asked over and over, why are you leaving. There are parties, gatherings and fun to be had. I left because I am, first and always, a mom. This past weekend was my son's championship swim meet. I would not miss his meet.

So while others where having an once in a lifetime experience, I was standing in an nadatorium, wringing my hands, losing my voice and being a proud mom. Right before my son's final race, he stood behind the blocks scanning the stands, looking for me. In the sea of hundreds of parents, family and friends, my son found me. He gave me our special signal and I returned with my response. At that point in time, nothing else mattered. 

My son's final race as an 8 & under was not missed. He placed third in the meet, had a personal best meet, and a team record. He accomplished his goal and I was able to share in his moment.

On Friday afternoon and Saturday, I missed out on meeting a lot of moms and connecting with brands. Those opportunities will present themselves at another time.  I am happy for my friends who had amazing times and made lots of connections.

For me, my choice was simple. The moment between my son and me was the pinnacle of my weekend that no one can replace.


  1. Family always comes first. I had my ticket to Blogher but chose to stay home so that I wouldn't miss my grand-baby's birth. If I left, I would have missed her!

  2. ((HUGS)) We've all been there and first and foremost we are moms. Great choice! Wish I had met you :)

  3. Family definitely come first. Moments like your son's race are the ones that can't be replaced!

  4. Family does come first, you did the right thing! Luckily my children's swim conference was the week before BlogHer or else I would have been in the same boat.

  5. You will never regret your would have missed a milestone. Blogher will be there next year :)

  6. i think its great tha you put your son first. Family comes first and there will always be next year